Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Those dividing line reflectors on the pavement are a great invention when driving in the dark in the rain with no street lights. How do they get those to stick anyway? 
  • "The Clown Lives Matter" march by the professional clown association was very underappreciated. It truly, in every since of the word, was a clown move.
  • Hurricane coverage: 96% what could happen. 4% what did happen. 
  • A raised truck with a raised bed touched power lines near Houston yesterday and . . . 
  • A new Texas court opinion finally eviscerates the many silly reasons cops use to justify a search or a detention based upon their "training and experience" and the slowly becoming meaningless phrase of "totality of the circumstances."  (For criminal law practitioners: In light of Rodriguez, the new battleground will be what is and what is not a reasonable suspicion during a traffic stop in order to prolong it. Print and use that opinion.)
  • I'm not going to watch it but I saw a link for a video of  "Larry the Cable guy snapped a dude's arm arm-wrestling" which both TMZ and Deadspin are jumping on. 
  • The new Selena makeup line seems to be profiting off of the dead. 
  • Hey, WBAP boys, you might want to re-listen to the over-the-top sexual lyrics of the joke song "Clowntown" (to the theme of "Downtown") that you played this morning. I don't think you guys understand what went out over the air. 
  • I've got a ton of legal questions for a case yesterday out of Tarrant County where a man was charged with aggravated kidnapping of a Watauga girl walking home from school, was found guilty of the lesser charge of attempted kidnapping, and then sentenced to two years for the offense. And to further muddy things, there apparently was no witness to ID him, race was injected, and the jury learned (how!!!!!???) of the man being no-billed by a grand jury for kidnapping a few years back. 
  • "Hunker down" is an underrated and rarely used phrase.
  • No, it's not . . .