Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's not that Donald Trump may not have paid taxes over the last 18 years that gets my attention. If it is legal it is legal.  What I want to know about are the details of the $916 million loss in one year.
  • Kim Kardashian was reportedly tied up in her Paris condo and robbed by fake police of $10 million in jewelry. Kayne dramatically shut down a concert due to the family emergency. She was not harmed. Hey, Conspiracy Theorists! Get on this! 
  • A 12 year old out of Saginaw who went missing for four days was found safe yesterday. The only explanation was she "stayed with acquaintances during the time of her absence." (Thoughts of  Latarian Milton bounced in my head.)
  • I saw an ad for a new show called Conviction -- A TV series about a conviction integrity unit. It has come this far? Wrongful convictions are so commonplace we can make a TV show about it?
  • Tweet by Arlington PD Chief: "Lots of @ArlingtonPD Officers representing APD at Tarrant County Pride Parade in Fort Worth on Saturday." Pretty progressive. He also posted some pictures with the tweet with one of them making me ask, "How tall is she"?
  • I'm a fan of that Rent Doctor cleaner. Honestly,  I really don't know if it does that good a job but I get a sense of satisfaction that I did my best to get a carpet clean.  
  • I think I may have posted this before. Sexy Harambe Halloween outfit? 
  • If you didn't see Jerry Jones get hit in the head with a helmet thrown down to him, here ya go.  And here's a photo from the other angle:
  • Sports: (1) Barring winning out, Charlie Strong is gone after this season, (2) The Oklahoma State big man who picked up the blocked PAT and instantaneously lateraled it to someone who could actually score may be the most heads up play I've seen in a while, (3) Someone at the Messenger tweeted that the Ryder Cup was greater than college football. I'm asking for a copy of his birth certificate because that doesn't sound very American. County club American, yes. Red blooded American, no. (4) A great breakdown of Ricky Williams crazy rookie contract with the Saints and how much all the great runners of the NFL would have made under the incentive laden contract. (5) OU will win the Big 12 conference. (6) Baylor's schedule until playing again on October 29th against Texas: Bye. Kansas. Bye. (7) I'm fascinated by the gal who shadows TCU's Coach Gary Patterson with a towel so he can frequently wipe off his sweat. 
  • Strange thing in Minneapolis last night: Six people were shot in two incidences one block away  from each other in the downtown area. It was even right by the main police station. And none of the victims are being cooperative. 
  • According to the first item in the Update, Wise County has a full scale war going on within the local Democratic Party.