Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Hot Scary Clown Opinions: (1) This is ridiculously overblown, (2) There's a huge difference between a threat made to a specific person/entity by someone signing off as a clown online and someone who is just outside in a clown suit. (3) Being in public in a clown suit ain't no crime, (4) Those who are actually dressing up are just doing bits, and I'm a little surprised we haven't had more clown sightings. This country loves bits. (5) I bet it is actually hard to find an adult sized clown suitably priced for short lived comedy.  
  • Dear Messenger: I am stealing this Update item in light of the above bullet point as a matter of public concern. (Everyone go buy a paper this week or subscribe online so they won't sue me.)
  • There was breaking news as I write this of a "body found in Anna."  Didn't that Arochi guy just convicted of kidnapping go near Anna on the night of his alleged crime? (Or the body might be related to something that happened overnight. No facts yet. )
  • The Rangers first two playoff games are in the afternoon on a weekday? Ranger Derek Holland must have been so upset that he hit up on a Playboy model yesterday.
  • I'm guessing he looked like this after the typed that:
  • From the comments yesterday: "I know you mentioned a lot of traffic cases out of South Wise County. I've been driving 730 south to Azle for a job lately and Wise County patrols all the way to Azle. They routinely park at Briar but see them past Pelican Bay. Why are they in Tarrant Cty?" I've seen evidence of the same. 
  • Trump got a a little of a raw deal for being criticized for saying that those who suffer PTSD weren't as "strong" as those vets in the audience who had "seen the same things."   I know what he was trying to say. 
  • This parent got 15 years in Georgia for having a sexual relationship with her daughter's fifteen year old boyfriend? That won't win you Parent of the Year honors but that seems harsh. Especially for Georgia.
  • I can't believe I haven't mentioned Decatur's new motorcycle cop.  (Didn't they have bicycle cops many years back?) Suggestion: Get a second motorcycle and find your two cops most closely resembling these guys and then dress them accordingly. Then have them ride in a pair around Decatur for the week of Halloween and you might go viral. 
  • It's interesting how the coaches at Tech and at Texas have the same problem on the field but handle it completely differently. They both have atrocious defenses. Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury deflects criticism by readily saying he has "nothing" to do with that side of the ball. UT coach Charlie Strong's reaction is to take over the defense and now have nothing to do with the successful offense. 
  • The sports radio boys were saying Jason Garrett was mad a the media yesterday during his press conference. Something was really, really wrong with him even so much that one question was, "You, OK?" But I'm making a wild sports prediction that its not the media that's bugging him, it is something negative that he learned about since the game which we'll learn about later this week.