Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Bass Pro Shop buying Cabelas can't possibly help lower the prices of outdoor stuff.  (And just how exactly will this impact the value of my very used kayak?)
  • A side product of the Clown Scare of 2016 is learning the public's shocking belief on what they think the government can do. For example on the radio yesterday the afternoon boys thought it was "illegal" to wear a clown suit in a park and considered it to be a "good question" as to whether police will outlaw clown outfits for Halloween.  It's a default belief that the government can do anything it wishes. 
  • Within hours of the Kim Kardashian alleged robbery, I was on here questioning it. Well, I'm on the verge of becoming the hardest working and most trusted man in show business because even Fox News ran a story yesterday saying the whole thing "raises some eyebrows." (This comes on the heels of me sniffing out the Ryan Lotche lie before anyone.)
  • The was supposed to be a blockbuster interview on CBS this morning of the former Baylor Title IX officer who has sued the university. It turned out to be a big bag of nothing.
  • During the VP debate last night, the candidates argued for a time whether Hillary or Trump had been "meaner."
  • But GOP VP nominee Mike Pence did manage to get #ThatMexicanThingAgain trending on Twitter for saying "You whipped out that Mexican thing again."

  • And he said that on National Taco Day. 
  • Police unions in DFW sure are flexing their muscles for money and power: The Arlington Police Association has sued the city claiming that the police department is putting restrictions on their recruitment of newly hired officers to join the union. Fort Worth Police Association has filed a grievance about the police departments "lateral hire" policy (basically they are saying lateral hires are taking promotions from officers in the union).  And the Dallas Police Association has been constantly making news for demanding more money since the ambush.
  • When Fox's Joe Buck, during the Cowboy game, frantically threw it to Vin Scully's last call I don't think that Scully's call was live at all. 
  • Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson said yesterday that his lack of geographical knowledge is a plus because "you can't get into a war with a country you can't find."  After laughing at that, I began to embrace its simple truth.
  • There is an announcement in the Update for a 1,000 home development on the east side of Rhome. Is it south of 287? If so, I think I know the owner. 
  • I'll admit that I didn't know that if none of the candidates are able to obtain more than 50% of the electoral votes then the House of Representatives decides the Presidency. (And then each state's representatives get to cast one collective vote for the entire state.)  You know, you get a third party candidate grabbing a couple of states some day and that could easily happen. 
  • As the regular baseball season ends, consider this: Josh Hamilton made $28.41 million and C.J. Wilson made $20 million for literally not playing at all. And Prince Fielder made $24 million and Alex Rodriguez $20 million for essentially not playing.
  • On The Ticket this morning, they read a letter from a criminal defense lawyer who is in the Collin County jail waiting to go to TDC to serve a five year sentence. He said he practiced law in Collin, Dallas, and Tarrant Counties before being sentenced for practicing law without a license after his license was suspended. Who is this? (He wants to provide weekly reports on what his experience in prison is like. Dear Ticket: Do it.)
  • Said it for years: America loves talking about a hurricane's path.