Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump sure is focused on raising money. With a month left, instead of campaigning in the swing states, he'll be in Dallas for a fundraiser next Tuesday.
  • Something having nothing to do with rehab is going on behind the scenes in the story of eleven people being arrested for holding "rehab patients" against their will in Irving. 
  • There might not be much on the line for this year's Texas/OU game but it does have some huge long term consequences. Everyone knows Charlie Strong's seat gets hotter with a loss, but there would be a heck of a storm in Norman if the Sooners lose again as Stoop's would have three losses in early October and is becoming Texas' whipping boy. 
  • Confirmed sighting of Decatur Motorcycle Cop making a stop on 380 this morning. 
  • Speaking of 380, I was coming out of Denton to Decatur on Monday and saw four motorcycle cops. It was odd because the were in the median together, all facing the same way, and in the "ready" position of both feet on the ground and both handlebar controls. But no one was running handheld radar.
  • A guy climbed high up on the outside of the Speedway Club last night.
  • Worth a watch. A "Curves Connect" dating site ad that aired during last night's wildcard came for those who have DirecTV.  It is affiliated with -- and I am not making this up -- FarmersOnly.com.
  • "School shooting assignment puts Keller drama student under fire." I'm not that bothered by the assignment (it is drama, by the way) and that shouldn't be the lead of the story. The real - and almost funny - story line is that her husband caused a massive police response when he called 911. He had received texts (and a photo per one report) from the wife/teacher where she "joked" about there being an active shooter situation ongoing -- texts which he misinterpreted. (Someone suggested yesterday that he would bet the wife/teacher had explained the entire assignment to the husband the night before as he stared at the TV replying with, "Uh huh. Yeah. Uh huh.")
  • I finally read Twelve Mighty Orphans about the high school football teams of the Masonic Home in Fort Worth during the 1930s and 1940s. It turned out to be a heck of a history lesson. (My dad says that Bridgeport used to play Masonic Home but didn't know when it stopped.)
  • The ALL CAPS guy might be a genius because he knows I don't have the heart to ban someone who might have more challenges in life than the rest of us. 
  • Pence looks like he should be a Democrat (kind of the Lloyd Bentson type) and Kaine looks like a Republican (the new style aggressive Ted Cruz type.)
  • Whatever happened to Phil Gramm?
  • "The City of Aurora will debut its Aurora Alien Abduction Haunted House and Twisted Oaks Pumpkin Patch, located at the old Trail’s End abandoned restaurant on Texas 114." Kudos for using the alien theme. Keep it up. (They should also go with a theme of a haunted restaurant where the tour takes you by tables of creepy people eating creepy things and then lead you into the who-knows-what-to-expect kitchen. The tour would end with a flash of light to simulate an alien ship crashing outside nearby. All the creepy people would then stand up and utter, "He's here.")
  • I put too much effort into that last bullet point. 
  • Kids in many colleges across the nation received a text around 10:00 p.m. last night stating there was a campus emergency and were to evacuate. It happened at Baylor, UNT, Ole Miss and Colorado to name a few. It was an error which started, oddly, when a community college in Houston tried to send a text to its students about a gas leak. Everyone is still trying to figure out what happened.