Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • This is a battle I've given up on. I tried for years to do what is depicted on the right but no one cooperated so I always found myself in the middle of a cluster:
  • Wanna see Donald Trump sing the Green Acres theme while wearing overalls? I didn't either but it was enjoyably bizarre. 
  • A recent metroplex high school graduate drowned at Turner Falls in Oklahoma. His family wants you to give them $20,000 for burial expenses. 
  • What's up with all the references to "convocation" regarding these teacher get togethers before school? Speak plain English and call them "get togethers."
  • Bad omen for Baylor's football season: During the Kickoff Luncheon yesterday the ceiling leaked and everyone had to move to the outer seats. 
  • NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A former Louisiana prosecutor who was accused of soliciting sex from at least 20 women in exchange for favorable treatment received the maximum sentence of 3 years and a $20,000 fine. Harry Morel, 73, was district attorney for 33 years in St. Charles Parish, about 20 miles west of New Orleans. 
  • Update typo this morning! Update typo this morning! Please issue an apology to a "perennial aquatic vegetable that grows in Japan and China."
  • I've mentioned before that I loved the two part Esquire article named The Untold Story of Silk Road. Part 1. Part 2.  I saw the headline of another article that I need to read: Stealing bitcoins with badges: How Silk Road’s dirty cops got caught. All of that stuff is fascinating. There's a documentary out there called Deep Web about it but there needs to be a feature film.
  • Dallas police and firefighters are pulling out all the stops in trying to parlay the sniper attack into a pay raise. Too soon?
  • And here's a photo this morning of Dallas PD applicants willing to work for the current salary:
  • Decatur ISD hires 30 teachers? Frisco ISD upped them by hiring over 650 "new" teachers.
  • Drudge promoted a "human sacrifice" video this morning because nothing says "Thursday" like a human sacrifice. Video here. Story here which pretty much says it's fake. 
  • I told you a couple of days ago that Lochte's "I was robbed!!" story sounded fishy. Now more and more are saying the same thing (see paper below). And you've got to love a judge who prints his Order of Detention in comic sans.  Edit: We may have breaking news on this story this morning. Developing . . .