Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • She could be the official sweetheart of the new Lake Bridgeport Kayak Fishing Gang that I'm thinking about forming (and being the president and general manager of.)
  • Evan McMullin has sued Texas to get on the ballot as an Independent presidential candidate.“There’s just so many restrictions on ballot access in Texas, and Texas is generally a very open and independent and free-thinking kind of place.”
  • "I've never done anything illegal, immoral, unethical." - Art Briles yesterday at the Houston Texans training camp. Raise you hand out there if you can say that. He might want to throttle it back a bit.  
  • "Houston police officer charged with intoxication manslaughter in fatal Fort Bend crash"
  • Donald Trump had a campaign shakeup last night. He hired Stephen Bannon, the co-founder of conservative Breitbart News, as campaign CEO. I pray my life never sinks so low that I have to turn to Breitbart to save me. But the good news is that Trump is about to ramp up the craziness.
  • Think government doesn't contribute to the local economy? There are thirty-one new teacher hires in Decatur ISD alone. Name another company which hired 31 people in Decatur for the fiscal year.
  • The Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes now have a new name for the stadium they will play in: Hard Rock Stadium.
  • What exactly was it that caused Trump's demise? It was really closing there for a while. I'm not sure it wasn't the GOP convention where he paraded his family up there. They all came across as they fraternity/sorority kid who wouldn't give you the time of day. Whatever it was, something happened.
  • El Chapo's son was kidnapped from an upscale restaurant in Puerto Vallarta.  I read a beyond fantastic article the other day about how El Chapo's incarceration has led to Cartel Chaos in Mexico and things were much more stable when he was running the show.  (Which causes some to believe his first "escape" was orchestrated by the Mexican government so he could get the situation under control.)
  • The odds on favorite to become the leading cartel in Mexico is the Jalisco New Generation Cartel -- the group that used to be the "muscle" for El Chapo's cartel. 
  • That same article said that the current scramble for money and territory and control in Mexico's drug landscape is fueled, ironically, in part by the U.S.'s legalization of marijuana in some states. With marijuana no longer a profit center in Mexico, they have changed their focus to manufacturing opioids -- and America is addicted to opioids. Moreover, in Mexico they have focused on: Fentanyl. Look at this 
  • I hope Tim O'Hare (famous for his Draconian and illegal actions against illegal immigrants while mayor at Flower Mound Farmer's Branch) is a better party head for the Tarrant County GOP than he is a fill-in talk show host for Mark Davis. Davis has to fear sometimes whether he will still have a show when he gets back.
  • "Facebook is eat up with people who don't know what they are talking about." - WBAP's Hal Jay this morning.