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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I think every Wise County school was labeled with the "met standard" grade in the 2016 accountability ratings released yesterday.
  • The Waggoner Ranch was sold and now those living on it are being kicked out
  • The great now gives Hillary an 88.8% chance of winning. Why Trump isn't camping out in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio is beyond me. 
  • I don't understand the allegation of a "skewed poll."  Every polling company wants one -- and only one -- thing: To be right. 
  • There was a caravan of six cars with Florida plates going through Wise County this morning. Anyone see if they just happened to have been stopped by the police? Going westbound? My guess is no. Eastbound? Absolutely. 
  • All I can think of is "Yeah, would you buy furniture at a store called Unpainted Huffhines?"
  • That really is a hard job. The last relative Republican that Dallas County has standing is DA Susan Hawk.
  • Just your average brawl during an NFL preseason game. Get ready for more of this in LA. (Funny youtube comment: "They guy that lost is the one who bought the Jared Goff jersey." That's a quality sports joke.)
  • Donald Trump's vague proposal of "extreme vetting" of immigrants has a weird feel to it. A test of "you must think a certain way" to be an American is almost un-American.
  • It does not move my needle at all that Gabby Douglas didn't put her hand over her heart during the national anthem. Who cares? But those who do always cite the unenforceable "flag code" (which, by the way, also says the "flag should never be carried flat or horizontally, but always aloft and free" and "should never be used as wearing apparel.")
  • A dive cost the USA a gold medal last night. I didn't watch it so what's the rule about what part of your body must pass the finish line first? Is it the head or torso?
  • I heard yesterday about how Usain Bolt had time during the 100 meter finals to look to his left and smile while winning the gold medal and how it was captured in an epic photo. Corby Davidson said it on The Ticket and that was what was reported on NBC Nightly News. Nope. That photo was during the semis and not the finals. 
  • My radar is always out for prosecutions of public officials because it is the ultimate abuse (one way or the other) of taxpayer dollars. We may have a new leader in the clubhouse when the Pennsylvania AG was convicted yesterday of leaking grand jury testimony. Prosecution + AG on the job + grand jury = All taxpayer funded. And the grand jury was related to the AG's investigation of Jerry Sandusky so we have more taxpayer involvement -- even Sandusky's job. The AG says the prosecution was politically motivated because she "uncovered a trove of emails in which she says officials were found to have used government email accounts 'to trade pornographic and bigoted images and jokes." Which, of course, would have been on the taxpayer dime. 
  • The University of North Texas Dallas College of Law (unstable name, by the way) is about to begin its third year of operation and it doesn't look like it will be accredited by the American Bar Association. You can't take the bar unless you graduate from an accredited law school. Question: If a person graduates from there but the school doesn't get accredited until, say, three more years, does that person then get to take the bar? I mean, it didn't pass at the time that guy studied there.


Anonymous said...

Torso--but hers still crossed the line before ours.

Anonymous said...

Barry's radar is not out for prosecution of Hillary.

Anonymous said...

UNT Dallas Law grads can take heart - they can always go take the bar in California, where you're not required to have gone to an accredited school to take the exam. Of course, the passage rate is only about 60% or so, I think. But hey, that's about as good as it is for the Thurgood Marshall Law School here in Texas, which is probably about all UNT Law grads can expect.

Anonymous said...

The dive to finish in the 400m seemed like it should have been illegal, but apparently that's okay. Seems unsportsmanlike, though.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about the BLM terrorists in Milwaukee? Suburbs better get your guns ready.

Anonymous said...

Corby Davidson said it on The Ticket

Speaking of the ticket, how did the Rhyner - Sweet Greggo reunion turn out? Did Greggo join Rhyner on stage for a rendition of A Country Boy Can Survive? I'm guessing there wasn't a dry eye in the house after that. I tell you what I'm getting a little misty eyed now just thinking about it. Sweet Greggo and Rhyner. And nothing else matters. They're together again.

Anonymous said...

Never a thing to say against Hillary. Libertarian my ass.

Anonymous said...

I was born white, which makes me a racist.
I am a fiscal and moral conservative, which makes me a fascist.
I am heterosexual, which makes me a homophobe.
I am non-union, which makes me a traitor to the working class and an ally of big business.
I am a Christian, which makes me an infidel.
I think and I reason; therefore I doubt much that the mainstream media tells me, which makes me a reactionary.
I am proud of my heritage and our inclusive American culture, which makes me a xenophobe.
I value my safety and that of my family; therefore I appreciate the police and the legal system, which makes me a right-wing extremist.
I believe in hard work, fair play, and fair compensation according to each individual's merits, which makes me anti-social.
My friends and I acquired a good education without student loans and no debt at graduation, which makes us some kind of odd underachievers.
I believe in the defense and protection of the homeland by all citizens, which makes me a militarist.
Please help me come to terms with this, because I‘m not sure who I am anymore!
My newest problem: I'm not sure which bathroom I should use...

Anonymous said...

There's a good story about UNTDCL in the Observer today (and the Observer just calls it DCL). Unlike the DMN, the Observer actually points out some of the problems of having a SJW-inspired law school.

If they graduate when it's unaccredited, I don't think they get retroactively able to take the bar. This is based on a fuzzy memory of students at DFW Law School (which became Wesleyan which became A&M) delaying their graduation until the accreditation went through).

Baylor lawyer Wade Emmert was doing a good job at Dallas GOP Chair (the best that could be done, under the circumstances) until he lost to that tea party idiot Montgomery. That's a result (like judicial elections) of having a bunch of uninformed voters, who don't know anything about any candidate, deciding a race. Montgomery washed out quickly after basically destroying the Dallas County GOP. He released a letter the other day attacking and blaming Pete Sessions for his failure -- the fact is, he was completely out of his league and had no relationship with the GOP as an institution.

Nasreen Iqbal said...

It seems like a law school would have to be accredited at the time you graduated, right? In the same way that, if a school lost its accreditation, graduates from the time when it was accredited would still be okay.

There's one way around the accreditation, by the way:

California doesn't require you go to a accredited school to take the bar. The federal system doesn't care what state you have a license in.

So you go to California, pass their bar, and then go wherever you want and practice in the federal system (immigration, tax, Social security, whatever...).

Problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Stupidity reigns supreme with the voting public. Hence a disgraced family like the Clintons will enter the public housing again that is supported by the taxpayers. Also, anyone who does not understand what Trump meant by vetting refugees or immigrants has joined that collective of stupid.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Re: skewed polls.

One reason for skewing polls is to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy, that is, to give the candidate the poll is skewed in favor of, the advantage. It's the same reason that results of an election are not made public until voting is closed. And as to wanting to be right, only the pollsters remember what their poll predicted on dates significantly before the election. By declaring one candidate consistently ahead prior to the election, that candidate clearly gains momentum. It's human nature. If the mindset is that one candidate has it in the bag, that causes some people to cast their vote for that one for those who need to be affirmed in that way, need to be "right", and want to go with a winner. Those who favor that leading candidate are motivated to go vote to make it happen, it is worth their time. On the other side, some stay home not voting because they believe it's a waste of time to vote for the one which appears will be the eventual loser.

And as to "wants one -- and only one -- thing:": No, that is not the bottom line.
The bottom line is the bottom line.
Every polling company wants to continue making a profit.

When evidence of skewing surfaces, we should ignore those companies as uncredible.
We should do the same thing with the politicians who are caught lying.
But no, we are going to elect them, and then re-elect them!
And here we are today.

Anonymous said...

Any info yet on the people involved in the WC Messenger story yesterday? Names, cause, etc.
WRONG-WAY DRIVER CAUSES FATAL CRASH – Two died in a two-vehicle accident just north of Rhome on U.S. 81/287 around 5 a.m. Sunday.

Triple Fake... said...

a little unstable to have the words "paint" and "huff" in the name of your business.

My major complaint with the Olympics is how the medalists literally drape themselves with the US flag and wear it like a cape. If you're that proud of representing your country, have some respect for the symbol you're competing under.

The smiling finish did happen during the semi heat. He ran just fast enough to win, which is a smart move. He had to put some considerable effort into beating Gatlin for the gold - that was serious business.

I didn't see the race, but if that gal had to take a flying leap to get across the line first, then Felix can take some comfort in knowing that she was actually faster. She should challenge her to a footrace in the parking lot, Seinfeld-style.
I watched Seinfeld last night and took my glasses off when it started, thinking I might fall asleep. It's the one where George loses his glasses at the gym and has to wear swim goggles. At the optometrist, he squints to see Jerry's GF kissing Jerry's horseface cousin Jeffery. (Actually a female cop nuzzling a horse!) When his GF was on the screen I thought "That looks like Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn." I reached for my glasses to confirm it and was all "Whoa...glasses!"

I was watching Steinfell last night
Triple Fake Wash

Anonymous said...

I cried through the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

RTG= 9 Very nice today!!

Anonymous said...

Did you know I invented the internet?

DF Al Gore

Anonymous said...

10:03, you should strike out the education part, since your reasoning isn't logical. Also, just because people have differing opinions, does not mean they are against you. Good luck on finishing the 5th grade.

Anonymous said...

That dive did not "cost" the US a gold medal. The gold medal was never the US runner's to begin with. The other runner was first to the line. The end. If the US runner wanted to win the gold medal, she should have done something other than be behind the winner for 400 meters.

HarveyLee said...

RTG: Good to have a natural looking woman for a change.

Anonymous said...

11:59 must be a dumb ass lib-tard.

No kidding - its not reasonable logic, you idiot.
It is clearly illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

That is how the liberal media and left purport everything mentioned above.

Try finishing the 5th grade yourself.

Anonymous said...

In other news CNN itself acknowledges that if HRC is elected then we can expect a 25 percent tax on handguns, an assault weapons ban, repeal of laws allowing permitted concealed handguns, and background checks on the private transfer of guns. Clinton also has supported increased fees and a variety of regulations that her husband imposed. Thanks to Bill Clinton’s regulations, the number of licensed firearms dealers from 248,155 in 1992 to 67,479 in 2000 -- a 73 percent reduction.


mzchief said...

The people, who are being kicked off the Waggoner Ranch lake, by Ms. Walmart's hubby, need to start a #StopShopping@Walmart media campaign.

Anonymous said...

I was microaggressed by your post!

Anonymous said...

nOW the FBI has provided documents to a House committee on its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for government business.



Anonymous said...

Bu, you say,

"I don't understand the allegation of a "skewed poll." Every polling company wants one -- and only one -- thing: To be right.

Sorry, but your statement is blatantly incorrect. Every polling company wants to make money, you nitwit. So, you see, they will fudge the numbers for cash. Come on, man, don't be so naive.

Whatdoya think is gonna happen when Hillary steals the election? I wonder if you'll still be a democrat after the SHTF?

Sam Brows said...

Oh come one there Pollyanna, you can't be that naïve. Polling outfits generally only care about being right for the person or group paying the freight for the poll in the first place. If all any Polling organization wanted was to be right there would never be a poll that tinkered with the wording of the polling question, or the "cross section of those polled" for the purpose of manipulating the data. for example: of those polled X percent said they believe in God. Trouble with that? See James 2:19 for the answer.

Guinjames said...

What no comments on Rudy's revised history lesson. Trump supporters seem to have trouble in that regard.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 words for all you 2nd Amendment, Reagan loving conservatives... Brady Bill.

Anonymous said...


I have two words for what?

Sarah Durham said...

The school can petition to the Texas Supreme Court to allow students to sit for the Bar. It's been done before.