Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump apologized yesterday for being mean? What did he mean more: The hundreds of times he has verbally abused people (i.e. "Little" Rubio, "Crooked" Hillary, "Lyin'" Ted Cruz, "Low Energy" Jeb Bush, Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren) or the apology prompted by the last ditch effort to revitalize his campaign?
  • Breaking News Edit: Trump's campaign manager just quit.
  • “Rude, nasty Mexicans! You shouldn’t be allowed to have kids!” -- a White Angry Male to a Boyd man (as described in Bud Kennedy's column today. This Facebook post by the man got Kennedy's attention).
  • Can your government keep a criminal file away from the public once it is closed? Randy Travis tried to keep his DWI video  out of the public eye but an appeals court told him yesterday the Pubic Information Act in Texas requires that government turn it over. That's the same Public Information Act that the Montague County DA's office has used to tell the Messenger they can't have information they seek in a closed criminal investigation.
  • Bad Friday morning for mass transit in New Jersey:
  • Always remember that I sniffed out that Ryan Lochte lie before the mainstream media. Can I get a Pulitzer for that? Do I just send in an application or something?
  • The body of the SMU police officer who reportedly was swept into Turtle Creek has not been found. 
  • The case of the deputy who shot himself in Round Rock has taken an interesting twist. An Austin columnist points out that the deputy was given and a "full honors" funeral when law enforcement likely knew he had killed himself. And, to make it worse, the deputy had made a bogus call before his suicide about intruders. Why? If it were believed that he was killed in the line of duty then his survivors would be entitled to benefits worth over $80,000.
  • The U.S. finishing first and second in the shot put but the winners didn't put their hands over their hearts during the national anthem. Where's the righteous indignation!!!???
  • Anyone else had enough of Usain Bolt's showmanship?
  • Countries pay to reward gold medal winners? (Click to enlarge) The U.S. (not pictured) pays $25,000 per gold medal. 
  • Hot Cowboys prediction:  Running back Ezekiel Elliott will be extremely hampered all year long due to his hamstring injury.
  • The new indoor practice facility of the Cowboys in Frisco looks sweet: 
  • I may have to fire up the Liberally Lean Storm Center Without Mobile Radar or a Thunder Truck this morning. It's coming. 
  • Ok, we gave a country its money back that we had been holding for decades to help save American lives. Sue us.