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Made Me Laugh Last Night

"See. You take the phone. You turn it around with the screen towards you. Push this button to flip the camera view. Sheesh. Do I have to do everything for you people?"


Triple Fake... said...

and at one point, the guy in back shoved his phone in front of the guy's face. The guy in front pushed it out of the way because it was blocking his face.
Costas is right - Bolt is a showman and a crowd pleaser.
I wonder what his time would be if he ran as fast as possible, instead of running only fast enough to beat the competition

Anonymous said...

Why don't they let white guys compete against Bolt? Because Africans can run faster than white guys. So says racist Darwin. So Africans are physically superior.

Anonymous said...

1:26 -

*citation needed.

Anonymous said...

And all you could see was eyes and teeth.


Anonymous said...

Hey triple fake...... wonder what time he would run if he ran as fast as possible you ask?

Would the world record do it for you?... Since he set it.