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Trump Has My Entertainer Of The Year Vote: He's At It Again Today


Anonymous said...

For the remainder of the campaign, every time Trump speaks, I want to see Mike Pence in the background. I want to watch him try to keep smiling as Trump goes off on whatever bat$#*! crazy tangent he's going off on at the moment. That's comedy gold, there.

sparkerr said...

The National Enquirer has credibility? Oh my.

Goober said...

Trump also stated the Enquirer is a paper that "frankly, should be respected". Next thing you know he will appoint Jr. to the House of Representin'. Idiocracy here we come.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah...and his brother Tom is an elite, gay, Hollywood actor with ties to Scientology. Wait a sec...hmmmm.

DF The Bad Speller

Anonymous said...

Trump has to stay in the news! He acts like a brat demanding attention, good or bad! He is proving Cruz right for not endorsing. Trump has support because of objections to hillary, but who really likes trump!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Four years of this nut! No, can't dislike hillary enough to vote trump!

Anonymous said...


Stories the National Enquirer broke:

John Edwards, Tiger Woods, and Gary Hart affairs.
Rush Limbaugh's prescription drug addiction.
Charlie Sheen's AIDS diagnosis.
Bill Cosby's history of sexual assault.

So, they are credible ... sometimes.

Corky Davisson said...

An even bigger story could be Greggo attending a concert by Rhyner's band on Saturday night. Look out!

Mike Rhyner
Petty Theft at Dallas Zoo summer concert series Safari Nights Sat night...the Bird Dogs there for that 7p downbeat

I will be there.....

wordkyle said...

Bill Clinton played saxophone on Arsenio Hall's show.
Barack Obama slow jammed on Jimmy Fallon's show.

Trump is proving himself the entertainer that American voters have shown they want. Sure, it's Idiocracy, but it didn't start with Trump. He's just the first non-Democrat to take advantage of it.

Anonymous said...

Never liked Ted Cruz but he's begun to earn my respect by his stand against Trump. On the other hand, Perry, Rubio, Ryan are looking pretty damn small.

Anonymous said...

Let's check the hot sheets.

DF Agent K

Anonymous said...


Oh hell yeah. I can vote trump over hitlery any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

That is an evil vile, live woman. If not in prison, she needs to be far away from "public service". Trump likes money, that he made himself. Hitlery likes power, and likes to see people kneel at her feet.

Walk away. Walk away quickly. Serpentine.

Anonymous said...

How can Tx Cruz supporters consider a vote for crazy Trump? Hillary's history is much easier to reconcile than Trump's dangerous incompetence.

Anonymous said...


Even a blind sow finds an acorn once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Cruz is a sleezy lawyer. That's all.