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Fox News In Midst Of Sexual Harassment Controversy

So what do they do? Send this tweet out.

Why, exactly, is Chris "one lucky guy"?


Anonymous said...

OMG! Is that a microagression, counselor? Someone call the ACLU & the Glorias (Steinem & Allred), someone rights been violate.

Anonymous said...

Because he's the envy of every 60 year old and up mad white guy who want some eye candy along with with their daily cup of hate they're fed by Fox News. Merica.

Bear said...

I would rather look at 4 beautiful women than any 4 men any day. Wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...


What the hell could possibly be your point?

There is something here worth posting about?

And yet you can find nothing negative about Hitlary to dwell upon?

How did you become this brainwashed?

Bear said...


It is the left that is killing the cops.
It is the left that preaches tolerance and then shouts down everyone that disagrees.
It is the left that kills unborn babies.
It is the left that wants all citizens disarmed so they can be killed by the criminals.
It is the left that cheats, lies and steals from the poor.

Should I go on?

Anonymous said...

Really? Who's brainwashed now?