Random Tuesday Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Odd sight outside my office yesterday: My neighbor lady trying to crush a baby mouse with a metal pole (and with a little too much delight) and me trying to stop her. 
  • Not much to say about Trump's acceptance speech. Not great. Not horrible. Too long (1:15 ours - crushing his predecessors.)
  • If you were watching Fox News after the first night of the RNC, you wouldn't have learned about Melania Trump's plagiarism of Michelle Obama's speech. As the breaking news was being examined on CNN and MSNBC, Fox News' Sean Hannity never mentioned it per the Washington Post and signed off from his program proclaiming that it had been a “great first night.”
  • Here's Hannity's reaction to the story in the link above:
  • Hey, I understand that social media accounts of guys like Hannity are run by some intern flunkie in his twenties, but you would think the network would have better control than that. Then again, Fox News didn't control Roger Ailes very well.
  • Not sure why Trump needed to pat down his daughter for drugs or weapons last night: 
  • As of this morning, and for the third day in a row, Southwest Airlines is having computer problems. That's odd. You'll see news of a one to two hour outage every now and then but nothing like this. 
  • A former sixth grade teacher and Wise County resident had her conviction for attempting to buy drugs affirmed yesterday. Think of the number of people involved in this low level drug crime: Cops set up a sting operation, they meet (no drugs exchanged in this $100 transaction), arrest, book in, brief stint in jail, bond, grand jury, lawyers on both sides, court hearings. a full trial, a probated sentence, an appeal, briefs filed, a court of appeals review. 
  • "2 Former Florida Paramedics Charged in 'Selfie War' With Patients." I huge question mark just formed over my head.
    Obviously innocent.                   Obviously guilty.
  • Sheriff Joe was a last minute fill in at the Republican convention last night. He must not have said anything crazy since I haven't heard anything about it.