The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, Fox News dogs Trump constantly. But it doesn't have any impact.
  • "More than 200 arrested in panhandling crackdown around downtown Dallas." That'll work. Just make the poor poorer and use government resources to do it.
  • Justice Clarence Thomas asked a question yesterday in the U.S. Supreme Court for the first time in a decade. Side note: Having done several oral arguments over the years I can say they are very overrated and most Texas appellate courts have refused to even hold them except in rare cases. 
  • There is someone who is running for the Texas Supreme Court who has the initials M.M. who is spending way too much money on TV advertising. That makes me suspicious of him. 
  • Jerry Jones thinks Tony Romo will play four or five more years. I think it is possible he might only have four or five games left.
  • I haven't felt that great lately so there was no way I could run the Cowtown Half Marathon. But I've ran 12 half marathons and have all the medallions hanging in my garage. In the middle, is a beaten down and rusted "District Attorney" metal sign that used to be in front of my parking spot. It was given to me by a maintenance guy when he put up new ones. Heck, that could probably get me indicted these days but I'm presuming the statute of limitations has run. 
  • "Honestly, I don't think [Rubio] could be right now elected a dog catcher in Florida." - Donald Trump
  • I wonder how many get upset by the state signs that say, "Vote here. Vote aqui."