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A Time Waste On Tuesday Just For Fun

That movie holds up over the years like no other.

I saw a documentary on it a couple of years back and learned that the director's initial idea was to focus on the "love story" between Danny Noonan and the girl but once they got back to splicing it together he discovered that it was insanely funny to focus on the other characters.

I still quote lines from this movie to Mrs. LL which causes a huge question mark to form over her head.


Anonymous said...

I'm the same way.
I have a sport court at home with 10' high chain link around it.
I have a sign hanging by the gate door that reads:

No Fighting
No Spitting
NO Drinking
No Gambling
No Bare Feet

My wife doesn't get it.
Everyone else thinks its funny.

Dickey Feltersnatch said...

I always like to hollar "It's in the hole."

My wife doesn't get it either!

Anonymous said...

Billy, Billy, Billy Baroo.... Please Billy! Let me win this Primary Today! There are many "Holes" out there that are praying to the Putter of Politics today.

Anonymous said...

I christen thee- the worst supposedly great movie in the history of ever.

DF Roger ebert's Ghost

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it.

Anonymous said...

Somebody stepped on a duck

Anonymous said...

You should read up on Sarah Holcomb who played Maggie O'Hooligan. She essentially disappeared after Caddyshack.

Anonymous said...

What's on fire on 380, near the Community Church??

RPM said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What's on fire on 380, near the Community Church??

5:10 PM

If it was up your butt playing horseshoes you would know.