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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Vanity plate fun: (1) Yesterday I saw an older guy in a convertible Corvette with a plate that read, "MAN TOY". Sheesh. (2) Today I saw a black SUV, with black wheels, with tinted windows and with a plate that read, "GDFATHR". I'm keeping away from him.
  • In the Texas abortion case argued before the Supreme Court yesterday, Justice Alito asked a question based upon what the Huffington Post had reported. 
  • That Euless police shooting is horrific all around. The shooter was sexually abused at age eight (the media has confirmed a life sentence came out of the case) and then he got hooked on meth. 
  • Ugh: High winds with a high Mountain Ceder count today. Mountain Ceder is my nemesis.
  • I forgot to dog the guy who mocked me for running half marathons because he thought that I quit halfway through a full marathon every single time. 
  • DPS has fired the trooper who arrested Sandra Bland. 
  • The Ticket had a great segment on time travel yesterday in light of HULU's new Stephen King series 11.22.63. The question proposed was "What would it take for you to be convinced if someone told you they were from the future?" One hypothetical was what if they told you exactly what the Mavericks score would be that night and it turned out to be dead on? That would make me very, very interested, but I would consider it to be a fluke. What if they accurately told you what the box score would be (player by points, assists, rebounds, and minutes played)? I'd be absolutely convinced.
  • Mitt Romney will hold a press conference today about the state of the Republican Party. Buddy, you have no clout and no one will listen.
  • It was odd that Trump took questions from the media after his appearance on the night of Super Tuesday. You never see that. 
  • Shout out to a trooper yesterday who overheard a discussion between a prosecutor and I about the significance of a relatively new Supreme Court case. He told us he felt like he had been in a seminar and appreciated getting to hear both sides of a developing legal issue. 
  • WBAP's Hal Jay this morning: "Are there any rules in UFC?" Sports guy Steve Lamb: "I don't thinks so." That's absolutely wrong, and I began to pull my hair out. Then Hal Jay asked, "Why do they even have a referee?" Good lord, man.