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Trump: You Might Be In Trouble

The greatest stats genius ever, Nate Silver, who correctly predicted the results in all 50 states in the last presidential election says Trump cannot win.


Anonymous said...

looking at that pic, he has already won

Anonymous said...

Kudos on this RTG. Very nice!

The RTG in the middle of the previous post? Not so hot. Tweez or bleach that upper lip, sistah!

Anonymous said...

...says Trump cannot win.

Did you even read the article? He has a low chance according to this guy, but "cannot win" is NOT what he said.

"I don't think his chances are zero. You have to be very careful about saying they're zero, but I think they're lower than 20 [percent] or 25 percent. Maybe they're 10 percent. Maybe they're 8 percent. I'm not sure, somewhere in that range."

Anonymous said...

I will say it, Trump cannot win!!! He actually improves Hillary's chances because conservative's like myself will never vote for him. And their are millions of us. I'll go independent or write in.

Running on fear and hate is not a campaign it's a ploy to tap into anti Obama anger. Trump doesn't support conservative principles in general and maybe only aligns on immigration and business deregulation. He is the typical moderate Yankee businessman who isn't going to be passionate about conservative issues if ever elected. He is a Trojan Horse candidate but our party is so filled with low information voter's now they would rather be defeated than look at the facts.

Anonymous said...

Well...all I know is if he pulls 25% he won't win unless you use Barry math which and turn an inch into 32 ounces and a can of Hershey chocolate syrup.

Triple Fake... said...

Major boobs in this pic. One of them has his arm around the owner (?) of the other

mzchief said...

I have faith that the angry, short-sighted people, supporting Trump, will actually stop and think about the idiotic "solutions" Trump is offering as a means to resolve some fairly serious issues.

1. Trump has promised to deport 11,000,000 people in a year. That would mean the US would need to deport 30,137 illegal aliens, EVERYDAY! Where would those people be housed to be processed for deportation. How much will it cost to transport and feed those illegal aliens? How many more federal employees would be hired, to process THIRTY THOUSAND illegal aliens EVERYDAY? FFS, Veteran's Admin hospitals do NOT see that many people, each day.

2 Trump has promised to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Seems like Trump doesn't realize, 60% of the illegal aliens, currently, in the US do NOT come from Mexico. There's this other issue, it's not very smart to piss off the second largest provider of crude, to the US. I guess Trump could charge Mexico for the wall and Mexico decide to charge the US an extra dime for every gallon of crude they send to the US.

3. Trump proclaims he'd require people who murder LEOs would have an automatic death sentence. What about the 18 states that do NOT have the death penalty. It seems as though Trump has absolutely NO idea how the US government works. It's almost like Trump does not respect State's Rights.

4. Trump declares that he would ban all Muslims entering the US "until Washington figures out what they're doing." Again, POTUS doesn't have that authority. On a side note, if we suspended anyone's privileges until "Washington figures out what they're doing" they'd never have them reinstated. Trump also ignored the fact that one of the San Bernardino Jihadi terrorist was a NATURAL BORN US CITIZEN born in Illinois and raised in California.

5. Trump has promised to bring all the jobs back from China. Keep in mind, the low paying jobs performed in China are what has made middle class families able to afford electronics, clothing and automobiles. How many people could afford to purchase a shirt made by someone earning $15.00 per hour, as opposed to someone earning thirty-five CENTS per hour? Seems as though someone forgot to tell Trump that the US is the SECOND largest exporter of goods. Yes, China is the first. However, the US is the largest manufacturer and exporter of semi-conductors, large engines and pharmaceuticals. The US has moved beyond being the world's seamstress. Let China have the jobs meant for developing nations so the US workforce can manufacture and export the goods for the future.

Trump is like the smarmy kid who runs for class president and promises that there will be no tests on Friday and ice cream and cake, everyday. Trump is a fraud and is, yet again, writing checks he can't cash.

I hope, people who are backing Trump, stop to think about what Trump is REALLY promising. Trump is nothing more than an Obama with a "R" behind his name. Republicans gritched about Democrats being blinded by the "Cult of Celebrity" when they elected a celebrity politician. It's really pathetic to see the Republicans being just as blind.

If Trump becomes the GOP candidate. For the first time in my life, I will vote for a Democrat for POTUS and will rush to vote for Hillary. At least you know what you're getting with Hillary. I'm used to voting for the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a fraud and is, yet again, writing checks he can't cash.

Fraud? I thought that's what it took to be a successful politician?

Scooter said...

Barry is running as an independent so he can be on the same ticket with Trump.

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest Mzchief, tha prez can stop imagration from anywhere or anyone due to national security concerns. You go to public school? And vote for Hillary? You never were a conservative reguardless of your claims.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, mzchief.

mzchief said...

To Anonymous 12:37...

I've NEVER claimed to be a "conservative."

I dislike the Republicans just as much as I dislike the Democrats. However, the hypocrisy of the Republicans is breathtakingly pathetic.

Republicans have hissed and spit for 7 years over the lawlessness of Obama but yet are more than eager to elect someone who promises to be just as lawless. Republicans/Conservatives don't give two spits about the US Constitution so long as it's their candidate walking all over it.

Anonymous said...


point 1: He doesn't have to do gestapo style roundups to get illegals to leave. Cutting benefits to the FSA (free sh!t army) and birth right citizenship would get a yuuge! chunk of them to leave voluntarilly, with the side benefit of getting citizens in the FSA on private sector payrolls. Look at how many illegals self deported during the 2007-08 slowdowns.

2: An excise tax on Western Union money transfers would probably do it. The SCOTUS said the feds can take anything as long as they call it a tax. Right?

3: Federal courts--state courts. Not the same animal.

4: By executive order. We've got the precedent.

5: With the labor force participation rate at about 65%, a job, any job, would help the working class, especially multi-generational FSA members.

Trump is the only one even tangentially addressing our imminent demographic replacement.

Demography is destiny.

Anonymous said...

mzchief at 6:34

We've got the transportation side of the mass deportations covered:

"Some 480,000 school buses carry 25 million children — more than half of America’s schoolchildren — each day, making the school bus industry the largest form of mass transit in the United States."

Anonymous said...

9:37 -

So suddenly 25M kids get to walk to school? Not sure what you're trying to say.

There are 253M cars in the US, so that should take care of transportation, too. Are you giving up one of yours to ferry illegals back to where they originated? What if that's not Mexico? (Hint: 44% of them are from somewhere else.)

Anonymous said...

anon 10:05

OK, I can spoon feed you.

The argument by mzchief was that the transportation/logistics of deporting 11,000,000 illegals was an insurmountable hurdle. I demonstrated that the transportation issue could be overcome by using school buses already present in every town in the country.

Sure, if you take every school bus and use them for a full year, and use them for nothing else, the kids are walking.


Let's say the buses are only needed for 2 hours a day, or at night, or on weekends, to transport the illegals to the next town, where they will be shuttled on to the next town, and so on, you'll soon have them on the border where they can be flown/bussed/shipped on to their destination.

Hint: It's doable.

Anonymous said...


You said "Republicans/Conservatives don't give two spits about the US Constitution so long as it's their candidate walking all over it."

I must disagree. You have erroneously lumped Conservatives with Republicans. I am a Conservative, not a Republican...big difference. GWB Patriot Act was high treason.

My conservative values dictate that I am to uphold the US Constitution, which was written to protect the people from the government.

Otherwise, I agree with everything else, except voting for Hillary. I am a little surprised you take Trump's campaign speeches and promises seriously. He has learned from the current POTUS that making fantastic promises get you elected. Keeping them is not a prerequisite to hold the office...any office.

Anonymous said...

So the party of "little government" wants to commandeer 480,000 vehicles to shuttle illegal immigrants from camp to camp, a few miles at a time, until they reach the border. (Again, ignoring the fact that nearly half the immigrants aren't from Mexico.)

How does all that get paid for? The tires, gas, maintenance, and drivers? The holding areas at each stop? (Want to appropriate school gyms for that, too? Why not?) Oh, that's right, Mexico is paying for all of it.

What about the economic impact? Take all the illegals out of California and Texas, and the loss to the workforce (e.g., agricultural and construction labor) would be so great that even if every single unemployed person in those states took one of the newly opened jobs, there would still be a massive deficit in the workforce. Is an unemployed guy from Vermont going to move to Texas to work construction? How's he getting there to fill that job? More government busses? Maybe he can just hitch a ride on a southbound Illegal Return Express, right? Based on your town-hopping plan, that should only take a couple of months.

Please, explain your definition of "doable."

Anonymous said...

Even though most of the illegal immigrants are not from Mexico, most of them get here THROUGH Mexico. That is the concern about shutting down the border. Most illegals come here through, not from, Mexico

Denney Crane said...

For some strange reason, zooming in on this photo of what looks to be a French restaurant has made me crave milk.

The fixtures are quite elegant, but probably not that expensive. NY is full of knock offs.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:19

Jeez, thinkin' is hard, ain't it, Sparky.

para 1: The republicrats haven't been the small gov party in decades, don't you follow current events?
What camps are you talking about? RV toilets and MRE's are good enough. They can sleep on the buses. Change overs at public rest stops or National Guard armories.
What makes you think they are all going to Mexico? Some of them are going to the East, West, and Gulf coasts, depending on country of origin. Some are being flown out with commercial aircraft or military air transports.

para 2: We pay for the relocations with the funds budgeted for housing/food/medical care/education formerly paid to the illegals. No additional money needed.

para 3: I expect the economic impact to be minor. 40% (93,000,000 people) of working age Americans are out of work according to the Bureau of Labor statistics ( There is no, I repeat NO, workforce deficit.
We're not gonna hold the unemployed guys hand and ship him to the job! If he can't figure it out on his own, he is too stupid to be of any benefit to an employer. What are you a communist?

Why do you want to keep illegals here? They are a net negative to the country, and will demographically replace the native population given time. Demography is destiny.

They compete with native blacks and young people for jobs.

Why do you hate young people and blacks??!!