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Anonymous said...

Hmmm!!!!! Let's see Murderer in the making? This is just another example do how corrupt our Wise County Sherriffs Office is !!! After watching the series and wondering how anywhere in our country the Great United States Of America can allow such corruption to occur without consequence and repercussions !!! As I was watching the series and being born and raised in Wise County and first hand experiencing the unjust of WCSO I couldn't helped but be able to plug names of our WCSO Employees names right in to those in the documentary! At what point will the citizens and tax payers of our county hear the truth of all the covered up wrong doing of our county SO? How many innocent people have been wrongly fingered of crimes they didn't commit ? Just saying our county residents deserve fairness and just service ! As for Hightower ! I'm sorry but he deserves more punishment for what he did and was proven without a reasonable doubt !! Hmmm anyone else wonder why our former Sherriff just up and retired? Just saying I think there is allot more to the story!

Anonymous said...


Why don't you call David and ask him.

Oh....I know are a chicken shit.

Anonymous said...

The other day, you referenced the old saw about "Which office do I go to, to get my reputation back?"

But here's the thing: 81% of that jury thought that Martinez was guilty, and he still walked. That's the deal that the system makes us. And I'm good with that.

The Messenger did their part, showing his (effective) acquittal. Give them that.

Anonymous said...

Lol chicken shit? No that would be the the elected county attorney!! I know for a fact that he's had warrants signed to arrest innocent people while letting others who commit crimes such as assault who openly admitted it go all because they are "friends" and they actually assisted him at the SO collect specimens from alleged drunk drivers on zero tolerance weekend!!! And that person had been convicted in the past of assault with bodily injury 2 counts but we all turn our heads and not ask questions of why? Asking a simple question of why someone jumped ship in a hurry doesn't warrant being called chicken shit now does it "anonymous"? Being a concerned citizen and hearing the local "insider" gossip from our other elected officials , one can't help but wonder when will the truth or will it ever come out?

Anonymous said...

It's probably best for all involved that our sheriff went quietly. And I'm sure that more than a few of you agree with me.

I am a chicken shit for good reason.

Anonymous said...

Ditto 3:53pm