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The Service These Days!

I would think this is just an urban legend/fake but a Fox affiliate in Indy is running with it


The Donald said...

And as the EMTs bore the dead body by,
She called them untaught knaves, unmannerly,
To bring a slovenly unhandsome corse
Betwixt the wind and her nobility.

- DF Hotspur

CT said...

tacky, just tacky.

Anonymous said...

We screen all our customers and weed out all potential overdose cases! We would be glad to host you on New Year's Eve!!! If someone is dying we promise to handle your bill first.

Julio's Mexican Restaurant, Chico TX

Anonymous said...

In response to recent customer complaints Kilroy's Downtown Indy has hired Nostradamas to be host at all events.

Anonymous said...

Julios sucks. They don't have mafungo.

DF Fred sandford

Anonymous said...

What happened to Julio? They even painted over his caricature on the sign.

Anonymous said...


The pro-mafungo separatists ...get ready for it... DEFACED it.

Anonymous said...

Chico the goat licked off all the lead paint

Anonymous said...

All I want to do is correct her horrendous grammar.