The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone told me yesterday to watch Netflix's Making of a Murderer because it would make my head explode. I watched the first episode last night. Uh, my head almost exploded. It's a documentary about a guy falsely imprisoned because of cops/prosecutors who were either incompetent, lazy, arrogant or crooked. Or maybe all of those. (And it happened in a county only slightly larger than Wise County.)
  • One part made me stop down was when the documentary pointed out that "three" of the ladies in the DA's office told the DA, "We think you've got the wrong guy." 
  • By the way, is Netflix streaming not the best deal in the country? $7.99 to $11.99 a month. 
  • NFL: Seattle will play Minnesota this weekend and it will be outdoors. Temperatures around zero.
  • The weirdest halftime show visual from any Mavs game in the history of ever is here.
  • I understand people having trouble with the President's gun proposals (or the method of imposing them) but to say his tears and emotions yesterday were fake seems to come from some deep seeded hatred.
  • Radio guy Mark Davis, who said the tears were fake, mocked the President this morning saying the press conference was the equivalent of standing in front of a GM plant and saying, "These cars kill people!" You know, it kind of is. Guns, like cars, need to only be in the hands of responsible people who know how to handle them. And even cars are registered.
  • Oil has dropped to $35 a barrel this morning -- the lowest price in 11 years.  I'm not sure we've seen the big Texas economic hit happen yet. And housing may be in for a shock. 
  • Allen High School's head football coach has been beyond successful. "He won four state titles in 12 seasons, going 147-17, including a 57-game winning streak."  Yesterday, after 29 years with Allen, it was announced that he was resigning to go take over at Barbers Hill. My first thought was, "Where is Barbers Hill?" It's by Houston. And then I learned of a Wise County connection. The only reason Barbers Hill is looking for a new coach is because Decatur's Ronnie Gage was stepping down. 
  • A marine might have killed that UNT student?
  • Heard in The House last night, "It's the premier of Dance Moms!!!!!!" I headed upstairs. 
  • Talk about trolling . . .