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Big Government?


Suspicious? Yes. Crime? No. Nevertheless, the government not only arrests them but plans to take the money.


Anonymous said...

"The driver consented to a search of the vehicle. Thumann's K-9 unit partner indicated a scent in the seats. Officers found 39 bundles of cash concealed in the seats of the vehicle."

The dog has been trained to smell money?

Anonymous said...

I find I sit more comfortably in seats stuffed with bundles of $100 bills. Very comfy.

DF President of Chase Manhattan Bank

Anonymous said...

You know Barry I feel sorry for this poor immigrant pair-
I am sure they were simply headed North with 400 grand to start a roofing company or possibly a lawn care business in the Woodlands.

I ma not Sam, but I love green eggs and ham.

Anonymous said...

Suspicious? Yes. Crime? No.

And you discerned there was no crime afoot from a sparse AP report?

Transporting the cash as part of a money laundering scheme is a crime. 18 U.S. Code § 1956 (a)(2)

One would think a former bank director would know such things. If I were a bank chairman, it would be very embarrassing if our internal/outside auditors or examiners revealed our directors were uninformed about BSA/FinCEN. Civil monetary penalties don't help dividends.

Anonymous said...

This green eggs and ham guy gets on my nerves. He has a point this time, but usually its garbage.

The Lorax

Anonymous said...

Greens Eggs guy is just another wordkyle that had his head bashed in. I just wish the low information types would just let Wordy speak for them.

Anonymous said...

it's all fun and games until it's my rights being infringed upon

DF Every NutJob Commenter ever

Skeeter said...

Kinda makes me wanna occupy a federal wildlife facility to protest the injustice.

Anonymous said...

The couple will be blamed for the loss. Their life expectancy has become much, much less.

Anonymous said...


Are you the same PMS darling who's always got her knickers in a twist over WK?

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

I was just standing all alone in my yard at midnight and howling at the moon, holding my rifle and admiring how the spent bullet casings shined in the moonlight. There is absolutely nothing illegal about that. And yet, some idiot cop drives by, sees the four montionless bodies on my lawn; and makes this ridiculous assumption that something's not right.

Anonymous said...

Pick one, either solicit business or run for DA!!!

Anonymous said...

1:29 pm:
So what? Transporting money without intent to launder is nothing. Why don't people read the statutes they cite?