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Big Government 3.0

Edit: Briefly Twitter had a video of a line of people coming up to huge Dallas DA after the announcement. It was quickly taken down. I'm not sure why. I've replaced it with the above photo.

Dallas DA Susan Hawk will not be suspended after a hearing this morning.

But look at the number of employees there to watch who are supposed to be working. Those are lawyers who are being paid a fortune. And I can't get over this sentence from a story this morning: "Ellis County and District Attorney Patrick Wilson, who was appointed to pursue the case on behalf of the state, filed affidavits from two top lawyers who used to work for Hawk but were fired under controversial circumstances." Wait a second. The taxpayers are paying for another government lawyer to try and remove another government lawyer? And is he getting paid extra above his normal salary or is he just getting paid by Ellis County taxpayers who are paying him to work for them?

Not to mention the judge, court reporter, court clerk, bailiffs, court space, court electricity, etc. which the taxpayer is paying for.

What a machine. There needs to be a Rage Against The Machine because The Machine has gone insane.

Edit: Oh, and we just had this happen on Government vs. Government taxpayer waste at the hands of lawyers.