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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I can't find the story, but there is a Channel 8 tweet about a federal indictment about a member of the Bandidos and there's a reference to a rival gang's "hangout" in Wise County in the photo. 
  • The Texas DPS trooper who arrested Sandra Bland has been charged with perjury.
  • Trump going after Cruz's right to be President based upon being born in Canada is funny. Cruz showed some comedy as well by tweeting a picture of Fonzie and saying Trump had "jumped the shark."
  • I got a part of All In The Family last night on one of the channels. That show was so shocking.
  • I had an interview with a Jacksboro reporter yesterday who asked me a great question which gave me pause: "If your heart is in Wise County, why is your house in north Fort Worth?"  I paused.  I thought about coming up with some BS but decided to have some Trump-like honesty. I told her I'm a loner. I'm not a people person. After my work day in Wise County is done I simply want to get lost. Go home. Eat dinner. Watch a little TV. Spend time with the family. Go to bed. And then get up and head back to Wise County before most people wake up. But, Cherry, that was a heck of a question. 
  • And to the three people which are so concerned about "residency", Mrs. LL came up with a genius idea last night. We become Bridgeport Lake rats. Summer is coming. The lake is full. And we have kids who would love to do it. And it is all set up. And maybe we never leave. 
  • NFL coaches are being fired left and right. Tom Landry's record in his first six seasons: 0-11-1, 4-9-1, 5-8-1, 4-10, 5-8-1 and 7-7.
  • To the one Dennis Prager fan out there: He is now doing commercials for a firm which sells gold. That makes him either a fraud or a sellout or a snake oil salesman.
  • The judge in the AG Paxton prosecution has ordered Collin County to pay the multiple "special prosecutors" $300 an hour. I like that judge, and I'm stunned he did that. The county had tried to limit their fees. That amount is robbery in this day and time. I'm not sure a court appointed lawyer for an indigent defendant in Wise County gets $300 for representation from beginning to end.
  • Channel 8 immediately reported the Power Ball numbers last night. The bad part was that they showed the wrong numbers. They corrected it in about 10 minutes. 
  • The City of Dallas is having a debate about marijuana and none of them seem to know what the issue it. Texas law allows for an officer to write a citation for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces instead of arresting the person and making them sit in jail or bond out. Either way, the case still goes to the same county court and remains a Class B misdemeanor. In listening to some of the politicians and reporters yesterday, you would think that the decision to write a citation made the "crime" a lesser offense.