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Friday Night Football Taking You Into The Weekend

It ended last season once a kick was blocked and a kicker almost died.

But you must always hope for better days. (Just for fun, assume this girl is named Hope. That would make me very clever if  it were true.)

 And tonight at 6:00 it starts all over again. Some things never get old.

Edit (on Saturday Morning): Did Baylor win?  Let's check out the SMU student section for the result.


Anonymous said...

The GIF of sunglasses guy & sunglasses gal never gets old.

DF Bearpit Guy

PS - gold lamé shorts guy. yowzaa! what style.

Anonymous said...

Baylor is gonna get their ASSES whooped! Suck it, Green!

Anonymous said...

Would that? Lesson and dance did not seem to fit the kicker that fell down.

Anonymous said...

I wish you would please understand that most of us poor country folk have, at best, a very slow DSL internet. Three GIFs at a time takes FOREVER to load. Please try to limit the GIFs to one at a time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't look a GIF horse in the mouth!

Mr Ed

Anonymous said...

SMU kids: spending daddy's money.

Anonymous said...

Football is so ghey and believe me I know ghey.


Anonymous said...

YES indeed Baylor should be proud of the victory over the national powerhouse SMU. They will get 2or3 more victories before the real test begins. Enjoy you do have to play with the big boys soon , if you beat them like for the most part you did last year then brag . Right now shut up and enjoy your bullying ways.

Anonymous said...

10:54...or you could be like TCU and have trouble with a mediocre Big 10 team.