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Cobra vs. Python: Who Ya Got?

Python in the dark trunks. Cobra in the light trunks. (Bronko Lubich will be your referee.*)

The winner at least knew to get while the gettin's good.

(The fights over about halfway through. But the Snake Removal Gang is pretty brave.)
*That's a joke for two people out there. Three, tops.


Anonymous said...

Did this happen up the block from Sweetie Pie's courthouse square location again?

DF Snake Charmer

Anonymous said...

Same story, different day. When is America going to wake up to the tragedy of senseless snake-on-snake violence??

Anonymous said...

That is not the sportatorium! And where are the Von Erichs.

whisky O said...

Black snake moan?

Anonymous said...

Bronko Lubich.....nice.....

The python will eventually succumb to the poison of the cobra.

Double Fake Corby Davidson

Anonymous said...

Python, Cobra?


I got this badge, I got this [Smith & Wesson Model 29) gun, and I got the love of Jesus right here in my pretty, green eyes.

- DF H. Callahan

Anonymous said...

I definitely appreciate the Bronco Lubich reference.

RIP almost all the Von Erich's, Gino Henandez, et al.

Triple Fake Ed Carter

Adolph Oliver Bush said...

There was nothing like watching a match live at the Sportatorium.

CT said...

SUPER glad I don't live there