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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's a holiday. It's Labor Day. And Random Thoughts is up to prove once again that I'm the hardest working man in show business.
  • If you haven't seen the two high school football players in San Antonio targeting a referee, you need to. The first guy might have been able to argue that it was an accident (which would be a hard sell), but the second player proves it was an orchestrated attack.  Video.
  • Right after I typed that above bullet point, I thought of 9/11. The first plane hit was bizarre but you wanted to believe it was an accident but when the second plane hit -- then you knew. It's interesting how the mind often works based upon what we want to believe.
  • "Drugs, divorce and a demanding campaign: The undoing of Dallas County DA Susan Hawk" That Morning News article released today is really good and insightful. She has been though a quite a bit of stress and now suffers from "breaks with reality and bouts of paranoia".  My sympathy for her is building. 
  • Sports: (1) Mike Leach might be in trouble at Washington State. They were a 30 point favorite over Portland State and lost last weekend. He is now 12-26 at the school. Ironically, his career is headed in the same direction as that of Craig James. (2) Texas lost 38-3 to Notre Dame.  I used to poke fun at the Evil Empire because I was jealous of the Longhorns' success. But that situation on the 40 Acres isn't funny anymore. (3) Texas can't find a quarterback, and it has been that way basically since Colt McCoy left. You know what justifiably drove every Texas fan crazy? In mop up duty against SMU, Baylor put in a true freshman who was a highly recruited quarterback. On his very first play, he threw a bomb for a 42 yard touchdown (also to a true freshman).  Here's a GIF. Sure it was SMU, but that made every Texas fan yell, "How can we not find anyone?" (4) Funny hypo on The Ticket this morning: Would the worst team in the NFL win the Super Bowl if they were allowed to have on player on the field who was invisible. The answer is "absolutely!", right? (5) BagofNothing was dead on: College football games are ridiculously long. And I remember correctly, when I looked on my DVR to try and record Baylor/SMU, ESPN had allocated three hours. The chances of a college game ending within four hours, not three, is a dicey proposition. 
  • I went to downtown Fort Worth for College Game Day. I ended up walking for a short distance with a lady in a Baylor shirt - I was wearing one too - and she told me she had just been "literally attacked" by a drunk TCU kid that and that his buddies had to pull him back.  "I'm a 50 year old woman!", she said. She didn't mean "literally" and "verbally" would be the better word, but I'll give her a break because for 50 years old: Pretty, pretty hot. 
  • Shout out to my neighbor who was mowing his lawn at 7:30. I was already up so I really don't care. Everyone else? They might have a problem with it.
  • My weekend was spent working on a hunch. I still don't know if I'm right, but I pray that I am. 
  • Fox 4 News spent about a minute this morning showing The Gal Surfing In A Dress And High Heels. Scroll down and you'll see I posted that video last week. And to think the publisher of Messenger called me an "Internet pioneer" over 15 years ago. Neither one of us knew the journey would lead to stuff like that. 
  • My weird Liberally Lean power: Out of the blue, I mentioned the seldom seen or heard Charlie Sheen on Friday. The next day, the Ranger's Derek Holland throws an absolute gem and then Sheen shows up in the locker room in front of photographers.