Fox 4 Had A Story On A Rhome PD Facebook Post


Yeah, the "War is declared" is a little over the top, but there's nothing crazy about the post.  The only thing that got my attention was that if you cooperate you will "most likely" be asked to return to your vehicle.  We would have a great horror movie trailer if the following line read:  "But there is a chance you will not be asked to return to your vehicle. Ever."

(Special note to Fox 4: Man, that web site is a disaster. It took a while to find the story even by searching for the very distinctive name of "Rhome" -- that got me nothing. When I finally found a link, I clicked on it and got nothing but a mess (and, yes, I know to click that goofy red box.) I promise you I couldn't get to the story despite the link to the story appearing in the URL box. The only way I got to it was to paste that link into a new tab.)