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Weird Tweet Of The Day

  • Let's begin with this: Tom Brady has been one of the leading reasons the NFL has, and is, earning billions.  He is not pleased with a four game suspension that the commissioner handed out and who, after an appeal to the same commissioner, affirmed his own decision today. 
  • That commissioner earned $44 million in 2012 and $35 million in 2013 from the NFL. Money earned because of people who now suffer lifelong complications from injuries. 
  • More importantly, the four game suspension is twice as long as what the commissioner originally gave violent woman-beater-in-an-elevator Ray Rice. And it is equal to the suspension currently assessed against Cowboy Greg Hardy. 
  • The Wells Report found Brady "guilty" under a standard of "more probable than not". OK. That's the general civil standard in America so that's an appropriate burden of proof for the NFL. But what exactly was found to be likely true?: "Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of [the ball boys] involving the release of air from Patriots game balls.”  What does that even mean?  Heck, I'm generally aware that there will probably be a murder in the metroplex tonight committed by others.
  • Now to this tweet by Davis over what happened in an NFL game. Brady needs to "hit his knees" and "get right"? I had no idea God was interested in Deflategate. (I wonder what He thinks of the Dez "no catch"?) 
  • And what's Brady supposed to say? "Dear Lord, forgive me for probably being generally aware of the PSI of footballs. And please bless those tonight who are starving in Africa." 
  • And Davis finds Brady's attitude "infuriating". 


Anonymous said...

The hell with Africa. In Obammy's America, 1 out of 6 is on food stamps. That's why one of his names is the food stamp president.

Anonymous said...

Dez caught that ball!

DF Dez

Anonymous said...

Underinflated footballs make it so much easier to throw and catch in cold or inclement weather. It makes a huge difference.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the pigmies, gotta pray for the pigmies.

Anonymous said...

Brady is a sinner.....get to a priest soon and confess!!

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady is not the sole reason the NFL "has and is" earning billions. Its mindless and more often drunk'n fans who dedicate their lives and life savings in order to purchase season tickets, buy 12 dollar 16oz beers and support their local sports team. Roger Goodell should not even be in this conversation considering his responsibility as commissioner is to uphold the integrity of the league.

Anonymous said...


The Patriots scored 17 points in the 1st half. At half time, the officials corrected the air pressure problem with the balls. The Patriots scored 28 points in the 2nd half after the problem was fixed.

So much for your theory.

whisky O said...

No bullet point about Brady having his cell phone and SIM card destroyed. I'm thinking he was more than generally aware of the situation.

Anonymous said...

This is twice the Patriots have got caught cheating. Everyone in that locker room that needed to know, knew they had tampered with the footballs.

I understand why many teams try to get an edge on the opponent but when you get caught just own it like a man!

Doc Logic said...

LOL 9:35

Kind of a small sample size wouldn't you think?

Thinking you have never thrown and caught a football.

Why do high school and college football teams use footballs that are underinflated? Because it's EASIER to throw and catch! ... happens virtually every game and the refs let it go at that level unless it's blatant under inflation.

Maybe next game the Patriots will throw a rock ball.... they would score 50 a game easy since the ball is harder.

Sam Brows said...

Maybe Brady had neeked pics of his wife on his phone, or maybe he had text messages discussing legal strategy with his attorney on the thing. Also, it is telling that the Commissioner made that pronouncement without any reference to the efforts made by Brady's legal team to get Wells all the text messages he wanted BEFORE having it destroyed, including telling Wells who to contact at the phone company to facilitate that process (which the NFL later called "not practical"). Let's see, oh yeah, and the last time the NFL got its panties in a bunch over someone on the sidelines jacking around with the integrity of footballs, it was San Diego and the team was fined $25K, no suspensions. This whole mess if Roger at his royal best, imposing an arbitrary punishment. Shouldn't bosses who do that be held accountable?

Anonymous said...

What Brady did is equivalent to a salesperson spending a little more than company policy to gain business from a prospective client. The salesman found an advantage and used it and the company profited. Happens every day in every industry in America. I've been on the losing end of that one because I had integrity and chose to go by the book. The one thing I learned is sometimes "integrity" doesn't feed the kids especially in the business world where ethics has swayed back and forth with the times since the barter system.

I can guarantee I will never come in second place again and I will Tom Brady the eff out of anything I do going forward to put my family on top. Sure Brady deserves a slap on the wrist if they can definitely prove he was involved but the NFL just knocked him cold in an elevator with nothing more than suspicion! Goodell needs to go.

Anonymous said...

The NFL has rules for most everything. One is the required inflation level of the balls. The Patriots were caught using 11 of 12 balls under inflated (they kept the kicking ball full). This was in only this one game. However, the Patriots have a far better history on fumble rates than the entire NFL for about 7 years. This indicates that the softer balls may/must have been in use for several years. Brady's behavior after being caught indicates his involvement. It seems clear that Brady was aware of and encouraged a violation of the NFL rules - then he lied about it. He cheated. The 4 game suspension may be too light a football penalty. His reputation deserves a greater hit.

Anonymous said...


Facts are facts. And yes, there was only one sample.

And for the record, I've caught and thrown a football in sub zero(yes, sub zero) and 100+ temps.

Anonymous said...


Bilichick has a documented history of benching RBs that fumble. So it is no surprise they have a low fumble rate.