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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • We have a dead baby giraffe at the Dallas Zoo but you would have thought we had a national tragedy last night.  Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley reading viewer comments about the death was surreal. Or surreally typical.
  • In case you missed it, the Rangers lost 21-5 last night after giving up 11 runs in the second inning. 28,000 paid to see it with the temperature at 98 degrees at game time. Count me out.
  • Heard a segment on the radio yesterday about the Doobie Brothers suing a tribute band named The Doobie Decibel System.  First, that's the greatest name ever. Secondly, couldn't every band sue a tribute band for playing its songs and making money off of them? 
  • I saw the headline that Donald Trump's lawyer had said a person cannot sexually assault a spouse and assumed it had been made decades ago by some old coot.  Nope, it was just made by a guy in his 40s. 
  • Sidenote: I had completely forgotten about Ivana. Double sidenote: I had almost forgotten about Marla Maples. 
  • "Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings sided with critics this week in calling himself 'deeply concerned' that the Dallas Convention Center will play host to sex expo Exxxotica."  I'd be deeply concerned about Dallas' 32,345 potholes.
  • So many amateur legal experts on the Sandra Bland case. Among erroneous statements I've heard are: (1) They have to tell you why you are being arrested. (2) They can't make you get out of a car. (3) They have to read you your rights.  Police rights during a traffic stop are shockingly comprehensive. But one of the greatest questions is this: Can a cop ask you to put out your cigarette.  No one knows the answer to that. I can think of scenarios where it would absolutely be justified and others where it has no relation to the traffic stop (especially as it is coming to its conclusion.)  But my blood did boil when the trooper barked: "That's a lawful order!!!!" when she refused to put out the cigarette. 
  • The concept of saying "Thank you" is completely lost on a lot of people these days.
  • Along those lines: Hey, buddy, if I slow down or take action while driving which allows you access to where you want to go, how about a simple acknowledgment with a hand wave? 
  • Wise County Commissioners were told that the county's health insurance provider paid out 17% more in health care costs than it received in premiums. There's a right way to do these things and that is not it. 
  • Who is behind the commercial telling us to contact our Congressman to oppose the Iran Nuclear Deal.  I keep meaning to catch the sponsor, but have failed so far.  Any chance it is a very pro-Israel group?
  • Vacation did not need to be remade. However, the car commercial with the original Rusty driving down the highway with Christie Brinkley as his wife is gold. Edit: I stand corrected. The commercial has Rusty from Vegas Vacation
  • That weird Waco PD spokesperson who was blaming Twin Peaks while the dead bodies were still warm has announced he is running for Sheriff.