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The Dentist, The Lion, The Talk Show, and The Bible

I was disturbed when I saw this story regardless of whether the dentist did or did not know the lion had been coaxed off protected lands.  I just couldn't imagine shooting a lion.  But I figured there was at least some good reason to do so. You know, the same reasons that Texans give for deer and dove hunting.  I accept those.

So I was listening to the Mark Davis Show yesterday (podcast and it begins at the midway point) when a guy named "Jeff" from the Safari Club called in to justify lion hunting both "ethically and morally".  Ok, I'm about to learn something, I thought! However, he was beyond disturbing. He spoke of how lion hunting on a safari is the ultimate in a hunter's life (although the pinnacle for him is to kill an elephant with a compound bow. Nice.)

Here are some of the things he said:

  • Lion hunting is "the sport of kings".  It will cost between $50,000 and $150,000.
  • He readily acknowledges you can't eat the lion, it's just for a trophy. This is by far the most disturbing thing I heard -- there is no other reason to kill a lion. 
  • "As a hunter you are able to fulfill a desire to hunt . . . one of the most noble creatures and one of the most dangerous." (Davis was pretty funny here when he told the guy that he's not dangerous to you if you don't hunt him.)
  • Why do it? "Why would you climb Everest if you know you might die?"  
  • "There are few adventures left in the is world."  After hunting all your life, the lion hunt is "truly exceptional" and you get to "match wits with one of the most dangerous, majestic creatures on earth." 
  • He's on the lion's turf. "That lion can be on top of me in a matter of seconds." "When I'm out there with a bow, I might as well be out there with a stick and string."  (Yeah, you're a big underdog out there, buddy.) 
  • Becoming out of breath, he says, "It is giving me a rush just thinking about it." 
  • "There is something spiritual about hunting an animal with a bow." 

In essence, the killing of a lion is simply the ultimate rush for the bored, rich hunter. After you've done all the types of hunting you can think of, let's ratchet it up a notch and go further. Killing for killing's sake, and not for food or purpose, be damned.

I think that mentality is screwed up.  I couldn't help but think of what the mindset of a person would be after he had done the "ultimate" and killed a lion or elephant in Africa. What would be next? What else is there? And then it hit me because it was so obvious and it gave me chills: It's the exact plot of The Most Dangerous Game

Finally, let me turn to Mark Davis' reaction which was also shocking. After initially being skeptical to the concept of lion hunting, he finally began to "come around" and "understand" it even though it was not his "cup of tea". But how can it be justified? He said this:

"And the bottom line is that God has given us dominion over the animals and we can do this just because we want to."

I may have yelled out loud when I heard that.

I guess I'll get a bow and arrow and hunt the Family Dog in the back yard tonight. God has given me dominion over her. I can do it if I want to. And let me morally and ethically justify this act by telling you  it's the ultimate desire and sensation for me.

Ted Bundy probably felt the same way.

Mark Davis said there is nothing immoral about killing the lion. He even chastised a meek caller for even thinking that could be true.

Dear lord, Bless The Beasts and Children, indeed.*
* The last four paragraphs were modified from the original posting. Why? I went back and listened to the show and got royally pissed off. Again.