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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a ton of employee "buyouts" at the Dallas Morning News on Friday and one was my frequent target: Steve Blow. 
  • Lots of fire trucks around a plane at DFW this morning, but I don't know what is going on yet. 
  • I remembered this weekend how much I love the voice of Alison Krauss, and then it dawned on me I had never heard a single song off her fairly recent album with the odd match of Robert Plant.
  • I felt a little weird physically so I went to the Internet for a self-diagnosis. Within 10 minutes I was pretty much convinced I had a terminal illness. I'm guessing that happens a lot. 
  • I kept hearing people say that there have been 3,000 murders by illegal immigrants in Texas over the last six years. I'd didn't think there was any way that could be true.  Quick research reveals that it isn't true, and that Rick Perry started the ball rolling on that misinformation last year
  • Golfer Jordan Spieth turns 22 day and already has $18.4 million in winnings. 
  • I read a Texas Monthly article over the weekend about the 35th Anniversary of Urban Cowboy.  For the first few years I dismissed that movie completely but grew to consider it to be an iconic classic. Love that script. (And I had completely forgotten that Debra Winger had previously played Wonder Woman's little sister on TV. )
  • Trump got more love than I expected on the weekend TV news shows. And his poll numbers remain strong. 
  • TABC actually conducted "Operation Bottoms Up" to investigate whether bars were selling cheap liquor but representing it to be top shelf stuff. One place busted was a Euless strip club. I couldn't help but think how we have government employees whose job it was to got to a topless bar to test the quality of drinks. 
  • I haven't been to the Wise County Reunion in years, and I'm curious if teenagers attending it today just walk around looking at their phones. 
  • Norm Hitzges on The Ticket has pondered on the air a couple of times regarding his current status in life after decades of being on the radio (and traveling to some great places.)   Both times he had a heartfelt thought of, "Time. I realize there is no longer enough time to do all I wanted to do. And we have no control over time." 
  • A "legal diva" reality TV star has died and her boyfriend arrested. (I had never heard of the Sundance Channel show called Loredana, Esq.) It would be too soon to point out that she was kinda hot or to inquire if the name "legal diva" is available. 
  • Every time I see that "Farmer's Only" dating commercial I think it's a joke. 
  • I had to do some impromptu body work on one of the Family Cars this weekend. Whenever you take out a drill and zip ties to get the job done, you know you have a problem.