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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I may do a separate post on a caller to the Mark Davis Show who was a member of the Safari Club and who creepily explained that lion hunting was done solely because it was "the ultimate experience". Davis' embracing of him for Biblical reasons might have been even weirder. It's bugged me ever since I heard it. 
  • There is, coincidentally, a new documentary on lion hunting called Blood Lions.
  • Something criminal defense lawyers need to look at: There's a new opinion out of the Seventh Circuit which takes a very critical look at the reliability of "drug sniffing dogs".  In that case, the dog would "hit" on alleged drugs 93% of the time but was wrong 40% of the time. Loved this line: ""Lex is lucky the Canine Training Institute doesn't calculate class rank," a 15-page opinion said. "If it did, Lex would have been at the bottom of his class."
  • The Wise County Sheriff's Office has a "Tactical Debriefing: K-9 Pepper Shooting" on September 9th at the Decatur Civic Center which is open to law enforcement but not the public. 
  • An ad asking me to "Upgrade to Windows 10" is the equivalent of an ad asking me "Do you want to experience confusion and frustration?"
  • Two new polls show Donald Trump is soaring. Delicious. 
  • College Football is in the air: The USA Today Coaches Poll comes out in less than two hours. Sorry. Make that the Amway USA Today Coaches Poll. (And I just became giddy when I saw you can download the 2015 Big 12 Media Guide.)
  • Gov. Bobby Jindal said that mayors of "sanctuary cities" should be held criminally responsible as accomplices for crimes committed by illegal aliens.  That's even crazier than something Trump would say. 
  • During generic movie talk with a group yesterday, someone tried to help me identify an actress by telling me she was the "other girl" in the third Transformer movie. I didn't know I had a face that projected, "You really think there is in any chance in the world that is going to help me?", but I do. 
  • I'm glad they found what will probably be determined to be the debris from the missing Malaysia airline, but if the wreckage provides no answers, I'd just as soon it remained a mystery of having vanished without a trace. 
  • I haven't said anything about the two 14 year old boys missing in the ocean off the coast of Florida, but I echo what others have said: How in the world do you let them go out on a 19' boat by themselves?
  • If you thought people liked the Cowboys, look at this crazy Vine of when they opened the gates at Patriots training camp. 
  • I had a funny moment in the self checkout line late at night at the grocery store when I thought I scanned a bag of grapes (I heard a beep) but the "unidentified item" screen popped up. A young kid came over and told me they "don't scan anymore", and I'd have to enter the code 4066.  "How am I supposed to know that?" I asked. He replied, "You can just remember it next time." I did a very slow Archie Bunker head turn towards him which made him laugh.