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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A few weeks back I referenced a criminal case that was reversed because an idiot judge jailed a potential juror in front of the whole jury panel.  I had no idea that the case, even though originating in Galveston, involved a former Wise County gal
  • The Coaches Poll, which admittedly means nothing, has TCU #2 and Baylor #4. As a lifelong college football fan, I never dreamed there would be a possibility of seeing those two schools in a preseason Top Five.  And it's terrible that TCU and Baylor play in the last game of the year. The chances of either, or both, being unbeaten by that time is slim. It would have been much better to have met in the first week of October. 
  • It's a blue moon tonight. I'd like to announce I was stopped by the courthouse once when Messenger reporters were doing a "Ask the man on the street" bit and the question was, "What is a blue moon?" I had shake voice as I, fortunately, answered correctly. 
  • The last thing Sundance Square wants: Two groups get in a fight last night, cops are called, and a cop kills a guy.  (Random thought: Don't all Fort Worth cops have body cams now?) 
  • Donald Trump wants to deport every illegal alien  but "we’re going to move ‘em back in if they’re really good people."  Brilliant!  And get your popcorn ready. The first debate is less than a week away!
  • Talk radio was ranting about the City of Dallas renting out the convention center for the Exxotica convention arguing that the city could have denied the group permission. One guy argued that the Klan certainly would have been denied a permit.  I've never researched that issue, but I'm not so sure about that. Whenever a city discriminates who they rent to based upon the content of the group's message, the city is on shaky ground.  
  • "Texas trooper's boss says there was no reason to pull over Sandra Bland." Wow!!! I clicked on that Fox News story only to see that the headline was totally wrong. The first sentence of the AP story underneath it reads: "AUSTIN, Texas –  The top boss over the Texas trooper who arrested Sandra Bland said there was reason to pull her over for failing to signal a lane change and told lawmakers Thursday that the trooper remains on the state payroll because the investigation is still playing out." (I've saved screenshots if they correct it). 
  • That "top boss" is DPS head Steve McCraw who was grilled in that hearing by Tea Party Darling Jonathan Stickland: "For a lot of people, it’s pretty cut-and-dry what happened,” said Stickland, who said he has watched the dash-cam video of Bland’s arrest multiple times. “Somebody’s liberties were stomped on.”
  • From office to home, the amount of money I spend on TV, Internet, and Phones is astronomical. I have to be doing something wrong.
  • I'll confess I didn't post a few abortion comments left under the Dead Lion post yesterday. First, it was a post about a lion. Secondly, it's just a weird logic. 
  • The backstop project is substantially complete but we've got one problem: With the heat and schedules and lack of motivation from all of us, the Seventh Grader In The House has yet to go full test mode on it. 
  • This accurately depicts how I put Random Thoughts together every morning.