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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • While you were sleeping: Five people found stabbed to death in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and two teens are in custody.
  • Another crazy and random conversation last night -- this time about chloroform. Can you dab it on a rag and "knock someone out"? No. Can you buy it over the counter? Yes. (The family member who was googling all of that has set herself up for a false accusation if one of the other family member decides to go crazy with chloroform.)
  • I found some candy on the counter in a package and ate it. I then learned the Senior In The House bought it on vacation for a friend. That may have been my biggest Homer Simpson moment ever. 
  • I finally watched the Sandra Bland video, and I can't get past the trooper turning into a maniac after she wouldn't put out her cigarette. Why did he ask her to do that? Was this a DWI investigation? No. Did he fear it could be a weapon? No. He did it because he arrogantly thought he could demand anything. Give the lady credit (or at least we could if she wasn't dead) for standing up for herself. 
  • And before I hear from the "just comply with the police" crowd, think about this: The government stopped and detained an American citizen for changing lanes without signaling - the horror!!! The government told her to stop smoking. The government ordered her out of her car. The government pointed a taser at her and told her they would "light her up." The government physically put her on the ground. The government arrested her. The government put her in a cage for three days. 
  • She may very well have committed suicide while in jail. But, man, this is weird. She seems like the kind of person who couldn't wait to get out of jail because she would want to raise hell about that arrest. 
  • As I was falling asleep last night, I watched a portion of Gone Girl.  Oh, my. 
  • Someone emailed me about an underrated Natalie Wood movie: Splendor in the Grass.
  • Does the flag code apply to private citizens? Heard that issue come up on the Mark Davis Show, and he was so off base. If it is your flag on your private property, you can do anything you want with it. 
  • An assistant county attorney in Kentucky was fired after anti-gay and/or racist remarks because his apology letter used the always odd phrase of, "If I have offended anyone."
  • Trump is coming to the border today!!! Trump is coming to the border today!! Edit: It was just cancelled!! It was just cancelled!! Double edit: It's back on!! It's back on!!
  • I saw an obituary notice for Martha Hughes in the Update. I'm guessing that is the widow of the late Wise County District Judge and Fort Worth Court of Appeals Justice W.A. Hughes. (A Google search about Judge Hughes turned out to be shockingly frustrating.)
  • Denton police taser a guy on a motel balcony for not "backing up" as they subdue a naked woman. (That's  a crazy sentence.) I didn't know they could mandate an arbitrary distance.  Story. Video