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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I go away for a week and Donald Trump single handedly sends the Republican Party into oblivion? (But I can't wait to see the new poll numbers.)
  • Cue the orchestra music, but walking five miles into a jungle and not seeing a soul is one of my life's greatest joys. (Whenever I left at the crack of dawn, I'd leave an email for Mrs. LL as to where I was going with the subject line reading "Coroner Info".)
  • I also drank water out of a fresh spring river and then became violently sick for a day and half. But staying all that time in bed, which I loathed, might have been the greatest blessing in disguise I could have received. 
  • I became an odd fan of Kermit Tyler on my vacation -- a plaque I read said he was "abused by history". 
  • I watched last year's Baylor/TCU game on Fox Sports Southwest's "No Huddle" yesterday. I'll say it again: I have no idea how Baylor won that. And that may be one of the greatest games ever. 
  • Random British Open Moment from this morning: Phil Mickelson hit a ball onto a hotel balcony. Photo. Video.
  • Dallas Cowboy play by play man Brad Sham will miss the opening game due to a Jewish holiday. (He's either very faithful or wants a "look at me" moment.)
  • I almost had a heart attack when I saw that George Will wrote a column suggesting that the Goofy Twittering Texas Supreme Court Justice should get a nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. (Side note: George Will is great on TV but an incomprehensible writer.) 
  • Same sex marriage has been legal for about a month and the world didn't end. 
  • There has been an insane number of ATM thefts in Dallas over the last few weeks but it went over the top last night when one was stolen from the Angelika.
  • The hook-up-while married site was hacked overnight. (Everyone walk away. Nothing to see here. Nothing to see here.)
  • Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson celebrated on Twitter an anniversary of Apollo 11 by posting a photo with her name next to Neil Armstrong's foot print.  (Who is her PR person?) 
  • I let the soon to be Senior In The House (groan!) download some music on my laptop. One of her choices: Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon. Attagirl!
  • A new photo of Pluto that I can't get out of my mind. 
  • I watched a ton of sunsets over the last week, and I appreciated every single second and moment. 


Anonymous said...

You're gone for a week, come back presumably well-rested and refreshed, and that's the RTG you put up?

Anonymous said...

Re: Donald Trump. Read this:

Katy Anders said...

Welcome back. I've been sitting here all week not knowing what to think about various political issues.

Anonymous said...

Snarky Sharen Wilson comment...

Think about what this symbolizes;

The challenge of cleaning up that cesspool

Creating a culture of accountability

Getting lawyers to show up for work kinda on time

Based on that...landing on the moon was a piece of cake

Anonymous said...

SO--sunsets? Puerta Vallarta?

Also--there is no fresh water there, basically. For centuries human sewage has leeched into the ground water. It all has crazy poop microbes.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Trump that McGain is not a war hero. Getting captured does not make you a hero. Getting captured is a form of surrender. Audie Murphy is an example of a war hero.

Anonymous said...

Same sex marriage has been legal for about a month and the world didn't end.

Who said it would?
why would it?
That is a stupid comment.

However, that is just one more straw to add to the camels back by you liberal commie pink-o's. The world is sliding into decadence at an alarming rate.

Anonymous said...

It's always touching when people whose interests run completely opposite to the Republican Party's express the greatest amount of concern for its welfare.

RatherBeSailing said...

You are fifty percent of my connection to Wise County, so no matter what you say, I am going to stick with your blog. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

"Donald Trump single handedly sends the Republican Party into oblivion."

So we're going to need a new party that expoits their followers fears of death (religion) to get votes.

I love how middle and lower class rednecks just keep voting Republican because the party just keeps pandering to their fears of the social issues, meanwhile, it the Republicans economic policies that are keeping their voters poor.

Remember how one person could work and the other could raise the family a few decades ago? Then all that Reaganomics and trickle down economy crap started, and now look... both parents have to work and still can't make ends meet.

The rich keep gettinmg richer, and you yahoos will keep voting them for them because you think jesus is magic, and for some reson he cares about american politics.

Triple Fake... said...

You know, the sun went down here, too. Just about every day last week, I think.
Does "Sun setting over the Big Sandy" not quite measure up?

Anonymous said...

Suggestion for your future stream drinking endeavors:

Anonymous said...

Did you expect the world to end because the 5 idiots on the supreme court tries to redefine "marriage"? If stupidity were the would have been correct.

Anonymous said...

Unless you were ut of water and on the verge of heatstroke, why on earth would you willingly drink untreated groundwater? You seriously have never heard that that is a no no? Welp, now you know know.

Anonymous said...


Lot's of big talk buddy...Please identify the economic indicators that make the case that Obamanomics is reversing those horrible Reagan economic policies.

Just keep voting for your government entitlements

mzchief said...

Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur are two of the holiest holidays, amid the innumerable Jewish holidays. Even slack Jews, usually, observe the first day of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). Sooo, Sham is probably doing so out of religious obligation.

Sortta saddens me to see the freak show that is "Trump for POTUS" come to an end. The saddest part is that it took Trump's ego to do him in and not people actually finding out the guy is a fraud. Com'mon people, Google is your friend. Just Google Trump University and see what a colossal fraud is Trump the Snake Oil Salesman. In a 19 year span, SEVENTEEN enterprises associated with Donald Trump went BANKRUPT! In everyone of those bankruptcy cases, Trump left the little guy holding the bag. Carpet, tile, sheet rock installers were all left out to dry and most of them went bankrupt due to Trump not paying them what he owed them.

BTW...Welcome back BU Bear...As for drinking water from a spring; if it comes out of a cave it's probably filled with bat guano, soooooo notta good idea.

Anonymous said...

Rage, get some education. Water has had poop in it since the beginning. It now contains: deer poop, moose poop, turkey poop, buzzard poop, coyote poop, bear poop, fish poop, raccoon poop and the list is endless. And the life expectancy of humans continues to increase.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Yep. Still married here. And kids fine.


Anonymous said...

"I watched a ton of sunsets over the last week..."

Did you watch more than seven?

CT said...

Welcome back!

Is it only my comp or does everyone have issues reading articles linked from the Houston Chronicle? Always behind a paywall, or the big black square blocking the article itself.... frustrating lol

Guinjames said...

9:18 You can be silent and appear a fool or open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind. I see the Tyler plaque reference. I hope you saw the Arizona.


Anonymous said...

Now Barry,
you and the lame stream media will tell all of us how the McCain thingy will damage Trump--but the truth is it will give him wings. Trump was right 100%.
I ambivalent about Trump--but Trump is hitting a "common core" value when it comes to lighting a fire under the middle of the road voters. The peeps are sick to death of runaway immigration and he has ignited a brush fire that will be hard to put out. The only ones that will tell you otherwise is the Rino/ wallstreet crowd and to the other end of the spectrum--the moonbats such as yourself.

I am not Sam but I love green eggs and ham.

p.s. There are other places besides the over rated Costa Rica.
Equador and Columbia come to mind for pristine jungle.

wordkyle said...

Democrats have their own problems. They've put themselves in a position where a Democrat presidential candidate felt compelled to apologize for saying "all lives matter."

That perfectly demonstrates the crazed mob mentality that controls Democrat politics. You guys have become completely unhinged.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Trump that McGain is not a war hero. Getting captured does not make you a hero. Getting captured is a form of surrender. - 9:18

People that never served one single day in the military tend to think like this.

Double Not Fake US Veteran

A US VETERAN said...

9:18 - YOU SIR ARE AN IDIOT. So lets assume you are a Navy pilot who gets shot down. (Pretty big stretch to assume you were ever in the military) I guess that you would go ahead and shoot yourself rather that be taken POW (surrender as you call it)

Anyone who risk their life to defend this country IS A HERO.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:18, read this;

Anonymous said...

Fox News Host Wondered Why We Don’t Clear The Sharks Out Of The Ocean:

Anonymous said...


How bout you read just a simple economics textbook about the history of the American economy. Educate yourself, so that you do not show yourself to be a total fool.

The reason that families began to need more than one income, is because the freaking government began to take a higher percentage of that one income.

The party that is responsible for that situation has always started with a d.

Reagan expanded both the number of jobs, and the take home pay, for almost the entire time he was in office. Just check the facts. Simple google search for leading economic indicators over time.

There's a good boy.

Anonymous said...


Obama has had the worst performance considering income inequality of any recent president.

No revisionist history for you today. Try again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The comment about the world not ending because of gay marriage was copied from dumbass Corby's Twitter yesterday. BG, you are better than that.

Anonymous said...

Once again Obammy is saddened that a Muslim has killed five service members in Chattanooga but was outraged at the murder of an abortion doctor. And has not ordered flags to be flown at half staff and has not called the families of the fallen soldiers.

Anonymous said...

Strap on a jet and fly it into battle and you are a hero

Bear said...


Funny. I say the exact same thing about Democrats, Clinton, Obama and liberals in general.

Just replace rednecks with welfare recipients.

The poor keep getting poorer and you liberals keep voting for the Democrats that put them there.

Anonymous said...

If we all just keep getting poorer how come we seem to be driving nicer cars, carrying around cool, expensive smartphones, endlessly entertained by amazing TV, movies, sports, blogs, boats, drones, bikes, jeeps etc, etc.?

I'm having a tough time feeling poor here and a tougher time seeing much poverty around me. What the hell do I care how rich someone else is? I just try to go work for some of them and get a chunk of it honestly. This is not a bad life. Trust me

Anonymous said...

Katy @9:05---

It's Monday. You have not been sitting here all week. Calendars are your friend

Anonymous said...

1:34, That is the way this vet (1966-1969) thinks. Trump for President.

Anonymous said...

1:47, so I am both a hero and an idiot based on what you said.

Bear said...


That was from a newscaster.

is from an elected US Congressman. Democrat of course. Islanders beware.

Anonymous said...

Barry, this is going to leave a mark.

I am not Sam, but I love green eggs and ham.

Anonymous said...

This just in...

Anonymous said...

1:13 WordKyle: Here is the link:

For those of you too lazy to look it up, O'Malley was speaking to a group of liberals who began to chant "Black lives matter.". O'Malley replied 'Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.". He later aoologized for being insensitive.

Would some democratic voter please explain to me why any democratic presidential candidate have to apologize to anybody for saying "all lives matter?"

I'm waiting.


Anonymous said...

11:39 no it has not come to an end you just hide and watch. Trump 2016!!!