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Road Rage

Was that an Easton or a Mizuno?*
*There has to be someone out there who laughed at that. 


Anonymous said...

No substitute for the original wood Louisville Slugger.

DF Hammerin' Hank Aaron

Anonymous said...

Tennis shoes and short sleeves on a cycle? Stupid!

DF Isle of Man TT Rider

Anonymous said...

Good thing he was wearing a batting helmet

Anonymous said...

Some bite off more than they can chew :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I especially like the fact that he keeps his hat to the side after all that. Definately an OG.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that someone would take my man card. Hitting someone with a bat a few times, and all i have to show for it is being tired and my hat on wrong. Dude acted like he just got hit with a feather pillow.

Doc Logic said...

After the fight as the actors walk back to calm voice.

Motorcycle man in helmet: "Nice swings Bob...great enthusiasm out of the truck....great show today"

Trashy man in pickup: Thanks Bill... good footwork today yourself... you really sold it.... hope I didn't hit that hard"

Motorcycle man in helmet: "see you next show"

Trashy man in pickup: "ok...have a good one Bob"

Anonymous said...

Naw...I only would have laughed if at the end the guy in the car got broadsided when he took off.

Anonymous said...

If you chase someone down and then try to confront them for whatever reason, be ready to take the consequences for your stupid actions. You have to be pretty tough to chase an unknown person down and then expect them to cower at your threats.

He actually got off easy. I would have shot him if he came up to my car and pulled that crap.

Anonymous for your safety.

Anonymous said...

The best thing that ever happened to that idjit on be bike was that he left his helmet on. That first swing would have killed him, otherwise.