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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Over a week ago two people were shot and killed outside of an "after hours club" in Fort Worth named "Liquorville". What are the odds?
  • Donald Trump: Keep talking, buddy. If I'm Hillary, I'm sitting on a beach for the next three months as I watch the implosion on the other side. 
  • And I keep hearing Trump doesn't have the ready cash to keep the campaign going. Why does he need to spend a dime? He gets his message our for free. 
  • I'm slow to the news of Sandra Bland, but it sounds like we'll have some info today. 
  • Whatever happened to the case about the Wise County Sheriff's deputy accused of "improper photography" of registered sex offenders. The arrest was one year ago this month. (A civil case was filed against the county under cause number CV14-12-924 but it looks like it was removed to a federal court earlier this year.) 
  • As the Dallas Mavericks were getting embarrassed by losing free agent DeAndre Jordan, Mark Cuban was firing off hot opinions on an app he has invested in and constantly promotes. Twitter was full of screenshots of Cuban's comments from the app -- an app which has one job: Your messages should disappear into history. Oh, the irony.
  • You can buy the home of the pastor of First Baptist Decatur for $324,900.
  • Two greatest investments for hiking I've ever made: A trekking pole and Merrell hiking shoes. 
  • Dez Bryant gets a new deal for five years with $45 million guaranteed. You think that's a lot? It is. But consider that the NFL distributes $7.2 billion among the teams to start each year and that doesn't even count stadium/parking/concession/other revenues. Dez may be the best receiver in the NFL. Terrance Williams, by comparison, averages $750,000 a year. And his career will be over by age 30. 


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the case about the Wise County Sheriff's deputy accused of "improper photography" of registered sex offenders. The arrest was one year ago this month. (A civil case was filed against the county under cause number CV14-12-924 but it looks like it was removed to a federal court earlier this year.)

Good Question...also..

also what about this:

I mentioned a few days ago that all officers were cleared by a grand jury in the shooting death of Alan Alverson near the Montague/County line. You may remember Alverson as the guy who allegedly shot the police dog of the Wise County Sheriff's Office.

Now that the criminal case is over, the Messenger wants certain records from the DA's office.

This excerpt from a Messenger story: "Despite the grand jury finding no reason to move forward with criminal charges in the case, [District Attorney Paige] Williams has declined to release the full autopsy or report by the Texas Rangers investigating the case. She is seeking an attorney general’s opinion as to whether she must release that information, arguing that the information is not public because the case concluded in a final result other than a conviction or deferred adjudication, thereby making it excepted from disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act."

Records subject to the Information Act must be released with 10 days or it is a crime not to do so. But for some crazy reason, any public official has the right to ask for an Attorney General's Opinion on whether the records must be released and this automatically puts everything on hold. Oftentimes that request is made to simply stonewall.

I'm no TPIA expert, but whether those records are public in this situation has absolutely been decided by prior AG opinions. This situation happens all the time. This is not new ground. Without researching it, I'm guessing that autopsy report has to be subject to disclosure now. How about the Ranger's report? Honestly, I don't know. But why shouldn't it be? Everyone involved in this investigation works for you and is paid with your money. You even bought the paper it was written on and paid the person who typed it and copied it. There is no criminal case now. Name one legitimate reason why it shouldn't be turned over to the public.

And there's nothing to prevent the DA from voluntarily just turning them over. How do you think the media sometimes immediately gets ahold of 911 tapes or videos or toxicology reports. Some of that information could be legally withheld until the case was concluded, but the government just turns it over anyway.

all forgotten?

Anonymous said...

Liberals and (real) conservatives seem to take delight in Trump.

Liberals because they believe he's damaging the Republican brand and helping Hillary Clinton.

Conservatives (like me), meanwhile, are tired of watching RINO Republicans who don't have any fight in them bend over to Obama for fear they might get called racist. I'm also sick and tired of powerful GOP chamber of commerce types who are looking out for themselves, and not me.

Based on his past statements, I'm not convinced all of Trump's views are in sync with mine, and I don't believe he can get elected. Having said that, it is so refreshing to FINALLY feel like someone in power speaks for me and makes mince-meat of out the liberal media and these timid Republicans who won't do what I sent them there to do.

If the 2016 GOP candidate wants to win then he'll man up and get a pair just like Trump has.

wordkyle said...

" I watch the implosion on the other side." It's clear that Democrats absolutely hate when they can't control the conversation. Some of Trump's remarks are outrageous, of course, but his topics are (usually) important. The lack of control of the border has allowed a huge number of criminals free admission, and Democrats don't want them barred, captured, deported, or even discussed. Without Trump, this crass stupidity would simply be ignored by complicit Democrats and jumpy Republicans alike.

Anonymous said...

Right there with you on the Merrell hiking shoes. I am wearing a pair right now at work. Well, I am supposed to be working right now.

Anonymous said...

"Without Trump"
Jesus H Christ, Wordkyle has juped on the Trump Wagon?!?

You just proved what a nut-bag you are, buddy.

HarveyLee said...

9:03 speaks for a lot of quiet Americans, methinks.

Anonymous said...

Entry level shoes like Merrell are an "investment". Good to know. And delicious.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle said, " Democrats don't want them barred, captured, deported, or even discussed."

Cite please. It is my understanding that both parties want immigration reform. But differ in the how's and why's.

Katy Anders said...

I'm not sure it's just Hillary Clinton sitting off to the side.

Jeb Bush is making lukewarm, very moderate statements guaranteed not to get headlines.

It looks to me as though both Clinton and Bush are raising heaps of cash from their corporate buddies and keeping out of the media as much as possible while their more boisterous opponents grab the cameras.

By the time it matters, a lot of these other guys will have knocked themselves out.

I mean, I guess that is what they are doing. Because both know how to get headlines if they want them.

Anonymous said...

If you are Hillary....your are more stupid that previously thought.

wordkyle said...

946 - Sanctuary cities. The Obama administration's animosity toward Arizona's attempts to control illegal immigration into their state. Obama's lack of "outrage" (either real or faux) to the San Francisco murder committed by an illegal immigrant. The real outrage toward Trump for mentioning criminals entering the United States illegally.

"Immigration reform" is a meaningless term created by politicians to relieve them of having to actually address the problem. None of them use that phrase with the intention of keeping out murderers and rapists.

And before you kids try to twist my words, I'm specifically talking about keeping out murderers, rapists, gangsters, and the like. Illegal immigration by those who are not murderers and rapists presents its own problems, but that's not what I'm talking about. It's the stupidity of adding to our already too large supply of bad people.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood. The Democrats new version of the KKK. "God bless you, Planned Parentood." The real Obammy. Margaret Sanger's plan for racial genocide is in full gear.

Anonymous said...

My take on Trump. Picture a pendulum with extreme positions on both ends. On one end is the "Politically Correct--Saying Absolutely Nothing On ANYTHING For Fear of 'Upsetting' Someone" position--what we've been seeing from EVERYBODY from BOTH parties for the past ten or so elections (or whenever that abhorrent term "Politically Correct was coined). On the other--also extreme--end, is the "Say ANYTHING No Matter How Outrageous It Is In Order To Get Free (Gullible) Media Coverage" position. What people need to realize is, how sick people are of political nonspeak (the first extreme), and I think Trump's popularity is going up as a response to that, not that all of those people are in agreement with him--they're just tickled to death of someone speaking his mind on SOMETHING. So--wake up, you other more moderate Republicans--speak up and take a STAND on issues, and have the guts that if the liberal media has its usual fit, rest assured that the silent, more moderate, majority will sit up and take notice. Probably won't happen, though--this nation is firmly wedded to Idiocracy nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Trump is mirroring the last election of Australia's PM.
Trump is saying what the majority of the political spectrum has been saying--
they are sick to death of foreigners coming here and laying to waste our blood , resources and efforts.
The Australian PM has put a virtual stop to immigration and has put a "one strike and your out" law into effect.
Lot of parallels.
The peeps are pissed--and they are going to take it anymore.
Trump will continue to climb.

I am not Sam, but I love green eggs and ham.

Anonymous said...

In the "ooh Barry that is going to leave a mark" category--I noticed Trump was Trumpeting the fact that the big Zero hasn't lowered the flag--and viola.
The big Zero has the flags lowered as of an hour or so ago.
Wow--Trump must have put one in the ten ring with that one.

Anonymous said...

11:04 AM

Don't try to go back and church it up, old man.

Anonymous said...

That cop was just taking some pics for his application at TallyWhackers.


Anonymous said...

Dez caught that ball!

Double Fake Sports Authority

Anonymous said...

If Prince Fielder became permanently injured today he could afford to buy Dez's contract twice and still have room for Romo. That's how baseball go.

DF Sports Sturm

Anonymous said...

9:03 is just starting to discover the 'Wise County Mafia'. They play by their own rules and make them up as they go. If you don't like it, sue them (in a Wise County court). See how that works out for ya.

wordkyle said...

1211 - I literally have no idea what you said. Care to translate it?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:52

He means period taco.

DF Translator

Anonymous said...

1:14 PM

Evidently the FEDS have discovered this little club exists as well.

Anonymous said...

I wish the Messenger would start a "And Whatever Happened To" section

jon spencer said...

Once the Merrell's start to wear out, go ask a few back country rangers (either park, forest, or blm) what boots that they recommend.
You might even stay with Merrell's as they are pretty good too.