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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I got sucked into the TCU/Aggie extra inning baseball game late last night but couldn't stay with what was ultimately a 16 inning, six hour game. TCU won despite a historic meltdown in the 9th inning to go to the College World Series. 
  • Vincent Bugliosi has died. He was the prosecutor of Charles Manson and became famous for writing Helter Skelter about the case.  He was also a little over the top. He wrote a book on the JFK assassination which was 1,612 pages and, if that wasn't enough, it included a CD containing an "additional 958 pages of endnotes and 170 pages of source notes." I remember reading his true crime book The Sea Will Tell and, although my memory fails me, I have a faint recollection about him saying something in there peculiar about his trial preparation. (I quick Google search revealed he claimed he would spend 300 to 400 hours preparing for closing argument. Since he just died, I won't call him a liar.)
  • No question there was a Starbucks ad disguised as a news story on Fox 4 last night. That news item informed us there will be six new flavors of Frappuccinos beginning today. 
  • Do we know the story behind the adult in jorts who just stands around during the McKinney police vs. pool party attendees melee?
  • I've mentioned before how all of the commercials for The Wounded Warrior Project had me a tad suspicious (along with their high overhead and "expenses"). Now we learn they have been "'repackaging givers’ personal information and selling it off to third parties, making more than $1 million in the process."
  • Very random: Saw a news blurb about a fire in the office of dentist Jay Leftwich this morning in Dallas. When I was a kid, First Baptist over in Bridgeport had a youth director whose last name was Leftwich. (Right? Someone help me out.) The dentist's website shows he's a young guy and spends an odd amount of time mentioning his faith. Any connection? (Like I said, very random thought.)
  • Why in the world did they open the roof at Cowboys Stadium for the Rolling Stones on Saturday.  That had to have been a sauna in there.
  • There's a Texas home price bubble going on right now. 
  • American Pharoah vs. Secretariat on split screen videos. That's really cool. Secretariat schooled him. How is that over the last 50 years humans have become bigger and faster but horses haven't?