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I Get Up Early To Jog And FInd Craziness In Dallas

Gun shots fired at Dallas PD Headquarters.

Channel 8, who woke up John McCaa to come in an anchor this morning said, "This is how it started":..

You can hear a bunch of gunfire after that. I'm confused and it's about to get more confusing.  That was an armored van which police chased and caught. It was purchased on eBay last week? Look here and here.  At 7:00 a.m. they are negotiating with the guy in the van. At this point it sounds like a guy mad at the police for "taking his child" but there appears to be more than just one guy involved in this.

Can't get any weirder? Oh, it can. Bomb(s) found and police robot detonated one of them.

Dallas PD offered this update (in bullet points!):
Edit one hour later: Police Chief says sniper shot the guy in the van. (I hope he didn't have a hostage who he told to "Sit in the driver's seat or I'll kill you.")

Edit: And then around noon . . .
Well that ends it . . .  Or not.