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"Nerdy Kid Wins Dance Off"

Once again, so many questions.

Where is this? Kids actually have "dance offs"?

And what was up with that reaction? Heck, the crowd at the Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid didn't go that crazy.


Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH: Bruce Jenner has been taken off Wheaties and put on Fruit Loops!

Anonymous said...

Dancing? There should be a different word for what they are doing; perhaps, contorting.

Anonymous said...

Once again, great camera work. The only thing missing was having to watch a commercial before hand.

Anonymous said...

Where is this? It's in one of the governmental indoctrination centers that is known as a public school.

NoseALot said...

Are you saying you didn't expect the white kid to dance that well? sounds racist to me.

Anonymous said...

Was he invited to the McKinney pool party?

Anonymous said...

THIS is the reason I roll my eyes at your comments about kids/parents/pop culture.

YOU HAVE NO CLUE if you are asking questions about this video.

This goes on every day in every public school building in every town in America.

That reaction? My friend that reaction is the result of affirmative action, the popularization of urban culture, and nba basketball. It's the result of Dr. dre's "beats".

It's the result of the silent majority being too scared to speak their mind. It's the result of social mob firing a teacher for speaking her mind.
It's the result of firing a cop for doing his job.

It comes from the glamorizations of drug consumption.

It's the result instant gratification taking the place of hard work.

I highly suggest every professional take one day and substitute at your local secondary school.

I promise you'd go vote at the next election if you did.

Anonymous said...

In other news the # of parents enrolling their children in home school programs continues to grow...Speaks Volumes Doesn't It?

Anonymous said...

Well said 12:42.

It's also the result of NAACP members being disgruntled because of their leaders skin color.

Anonymous said...

How the heck do I teach those moves in 10 easy lessons?

DF Arthur Murray

Anonymous said...

That's no way to resolve conflicts. It's just embarrassing.

DF The Sharks & DF The Jets

Anonymous said...

Looks a-ok to me.

DF Napoleon Dynamite

Anonymous said...

12:42 - Where would one find your dissertation?

Anonymous said...

Vote for Pedro! Napoleon Dynamite

Anonymous said...

Umm, should he be doing that in public?

Anonymous said...

This guy reminds me of a kid from Bport, back around 1980 or so, he hung out at the Bport city pool, wearing Adidas shoes, knee high tube socks, a white "muscle" t-shirt and tight shorts.

Do you remember him Bu?

Anonymous said...


I'll bet you just love the 2-step.

Anonymous said...

1:17 - What are you talking about? Rachel Dolezal?

The person with the biggest problem with Dolezal's skin color is Dolezal herself! She's apparently quite disgruntled at having been born to white parents. You don't see a problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Fight fight
Nigger and a white
Nigger wins
We all jump in