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Random Friday Night SUV vs. Jet Pic

Wait. What?


whisky O said...

Probably smoking pot.

Anonymous said...

I bet that goes over the van's property damage limits.

Anonymous said...

They should keep their planes out of Lot C

Anonymous said...

Hit something cheap, Olive!

Anonymous said...

In order to save money (Increase Corporate Executive Bonuses) the airlines contracted out to a 3rd party vendor to a company that provides airplane provisioning, cleaning and security clearances (They stock, clean and look for bombs, guns and knives on over night aircraft). The Federal Government mandates to be done and "Signed Off" it was completed under very strict rules. One person has a "Ramp Badge" (Security Clearance) and is responsible for over seeing numerous aircraft cleaners.

Yep your folks that are supposed to keep you safe are paid $7.00 to $9.00 an hour with no benefits. You get what you pay for .... They have a nick name on the ramp ... "Somalia Pirates". The NEXT Terrorist attack involving aircraft will come from here. And it's NOT "If" but "When".

In this wreck ... The guy got out of the van and ran away. This type of accidents/incidents happen all the time at American Airlines.