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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: I've learned the RTG is a repeat. Working on emergency replacement. 
  • Well, once again some of you owe me an apology. Last week, I astutely pointed out that one of the Fort Worth officers in the take down of the "slow speed chase" guy used the butt of his gun in an act of potentially excessive force. Yesterday that officer was placed on administrative leave because of the action. (Also the driver of the SWAT monster truck was also placed on leave because he didn't have authorization to do the "pit maneuver".) 
  • I was watching Fox 4 last night and they were interviewing a Eagle Mountain Lake homeowner who was angry that the gates at Lake Bridgeport were open which could cause more flooding. "They need to shut it off," he said. Oh, now you want it shut off. 
  • A Tarrant County deputy shot and killed a man in Azle last night. The deceased appears to have been Muslim. 
  • Yesterday there were numerous reports that bonds for some of the Waco Twin Peak bikers had been reduced once they agreed not to sue the police department. I couldn't believe it because not only would involve an incompetent defense lawyer but any DA or judge who required that condition would probably have violated a million ethical rules and maybe even committed a crime. Turns out, it was a weird rumor started by weird press releases
  • This reduction in Whataburger breakfast hours due to an alleged shortage in eggs seems a bit fishy.  Hypothetically, if breakfast sales were slow and the company wanted to cut back on store hours, making up a story about an egg shortage would not only get the company free publicity but it would avoid any negative press about slow sales. 
  • TCU baseball advanced in the college baseball playoffs last night after being down 8-1 to NC State in the eighth inning. (I got sucked into it late.)  The Frogs scored six unearned runs in the eighth as NC State turned into the Three Stooges, and TCU went on to win. 9-8.
  • I had to stop on my jogging path last evening after 10 ducks decided to stroll across it. Loved it. (I noticed them about three weeks ago when most of then were just babies. Ducks grow fast.) 
  • I know I beat you down with my WBAP morning show criticism but they had another head shaker this morning. Hal Jay had a segment on The Quinnipiac University poll concerning whether Americans would support a Supreme Court decision which legalized same sex marriage. It revealed overall Americans would support it by a 56 - 38 percent margin.  Democrats would support legalization 70 – 24 percent, Independent voters 61 – 34 percent, while Republicans would oppose it 62 – 34 percent.  OK, that's interesting. Then Brian Estridge interrupted to say, "It's a flawed poll!" Obviously he had researched this so why is it flawed? "Because of those polled only 23% were  Republican while 31% were Democrat and 36% were independent. If they had polled more Republicans, the overall result would be more like 50/50."  Ummkay. So a random poll should be skewed to intentionally include those more likely to affect the result? Hey, that was how the random sample identified themselves by party affiliation.  If the poll had intentionally increased the number of Republicans then it would be flawed. Random is the key. That's why a poll on Fox News or MSNBC which requires participation are complete farces. 
  • WBAP's next segment criticised young people because of the sources of their news which will only "dumb them down." 
  • I was talking to someone late yesterday and she said that Bruce Jenner's new persona on the Vogue cover reminded her of someone. The answer: Jessica Lange. (Side by side photo.)
  • Lake Bridgeport on the front page . . .