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Let Me Unfairly Pick On That Tweeting Texas Supreme Court Justice

We begin around 10:00 a.m. yesterday. He's correct. A man is set to be executed by the government and Judge Don Willett's court, the Texas Supreme Court, has no control over it.  The Texas Supreme Court basically deals with disputes over money.  Jurisdiction about freedom, life, and death lies with the "CCA" meaning the under-appreciated Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Lester Bower is not his problem.

Later in the evening, at 6:36 p.m. to be exact, the execution of the man occurred. His name, once again, was Lester Bower. Google him. The Washington Post wrote about him under the headline of "Lester Bower’s story is everything that’s wrong with the death penalty".

Shortly after the execution, the Judge Willett responded to a tweet about an opinion he wrote two years ago concerning the value of a pet when someone intentionally or negligently kills it. 

It was a touchingly written opinion about the value of a pet who is killed, or executed, by someone else.  I guess I could be snarky at this point, but to be fair, most Texans are aren't paying attention when the execution of an inmate happens. Heck, I was probably playing with The Family Dogs at that moment. But twenty-five to fifty years from now America will look back on the death penalty as we now view slavery or women not being allowed to vote: We will ask: "That really happened?" 

I don't know what Lester Bower's last meal was. But, since I'm going all in, this was posted around 10:00 last night.

Ok, I went too far with that one.  If I get hit with Twitter Contempt, I will not appeal.


Anonymous said...

This is a very confusing post, Barry.

"most Texans are paying attention." Did you mean "are not"

Are you picking on him? I doesn't read that way.

"Ok, I went too far with that one. If I get hit with Twitter Contempt, I will not appeal." WHAT AM I NOT GETTING?

Anonymous said...

Who knows what this is about. But two things are's stupid and a complete waste of taxpayer money

Barry it would be interesting to start another "and another" of positive things that occur from the legal industrial complex.

There would be nothing

Anonymous said...

Just another example of how people trust in the system unless it does not come out the way they want it to, then it must be flawed. Just keep in mind that this individual received a trial and was found guilty by a jury of his peers who also determined that he should pay with his own life. In contrast, the three men that he murdered received no trial but the defendant acted and judge, jury and executioner of innocent individuals for probably nothing other than his own greed. The only wrong here that he should have been killed a long time ago instead of wasting tax-payer money housing his sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

1:06 - what you are not getting is that attorneys have to "respect" the court, even though those filling the roles and wearing the robes are not acting respectively. but because those wearing the robes get to say unilaterally what "being disrespectful" to the Court means, (Judge and Jury), a lawyer who points it out is subject to backlash.... being held in contempt...

Anonymous said...

I have come around on the death penalty. Used to think that we needed an express lane to the Death Gurney. But now,especially since our former governor, Rick Perry, played politic with the Cameron Todd Willingham conviction on the arson deaths of his family, I say lock them up forever. Willingham may have been a slimy human, but Texas played fast & loose with the supposed science (now discounted) on the alleged arson. At least if they are locked up & proof of their innocence or malicious prosecution is found, they can be released. Ask Lenell Geter and Michael Morton about that.

DF Former Judge Ken Anderson

Anonymous said...

As I recall a condemned man eats the regular days chow in Texas. No more "last meals". We were coddling them.

DF Former Gov.Goodhair

Anonymous said...

You still have his last name as Brown where you talk about his last meal.

Anonymous said...

2:16, you might want to read the post again. Or read 1:06 again... The three of you (2:16, 1:06, and Barry) seem to be on three different pages... maybe in three different books!

Anonymous said...

"It's the death penalty that's flawed, not the justice system." - (a summary not a quote)

Give me a break. The minute we start sentencing cops and other public "servants" to death is the minute this bullshit all changes. Let's ignore the fact that the justice system kept this man from living. Sorry, death by injection is a byproduct of the problems in the courts.

Let's start whacking pigs and attorneys