Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • What a crazy scene in and around Ellis County last night. Two brothers get stopped for a traffic violation and end up taking the officer's SUV (I want to see the video of that.) They are later stopped and a standoff began which was broadcast live over the air and Internet since the police "negotiator" and the suspects were communicating over police radios. (I haven't heard the recorded audio yet, but it's coming.) Then one suspect killed himself, the other guy announced he was getting out to kill cops, and he got out with a shotgun and you can guess what happened next. 
  • There may have been a murder in Jacksboro yesterday.
  • "Deputy secretary of state says U.S.-led coalition has recorded more than 10,000 ISIS deaths in 9-month campaign."  I'm not sure what "U.S.-led coalition" means exactly, but we know the U.S. trained Iraqi army is a joke. When they cut and ran when ISIS approached last year, most news sources said we had spend $25 billion in training and arming them. 
  • Only 25 of the Waco Twin Peak bikers have been released on bond. One person I haven't called out is McLennan County Justice of the Peace W.H. “Pete” Peterson who was the person who initially set bonds at $1 million for every single one of them. He's incompetent at best and a moron at worst. It's good to see at least someone has filed a complaint with State Commission on Judicial Conduct.
  • I have never seen so many Fort Worth lawyers coming into Wise County to get court appointments for indigent defense.  And it pays next to nothing. Here is the fee schedule as of 2011.  (When it says you get x dollars for a "plea" that isn't just for the hearing for the court to accept the plea. That fee is for the entire representation: investigation, file review, client visits, research, negotiations with prosecutor, etc.  Hey, I always say there are too many cops, but there is a lawyer glut of biblical proportions in North Texas. And UNT's law school hasn't even opened yet. There will come a day when "indigent defense" means the defense lawyer is the one who is broke. 
  • If I can make automatic payment by credit card for my monthly bills, I'll do it. That also means I'm in for a monumental beating when I get issued a replacement card (which will occur even because of a new expiration date). 
  • My backstop project has become my Moby Dick.  I'll get it done and then figure out a way to do it better even if it means starting from scratch.  I'm opening a salvage PVC store when I'm done. 
  • Remember: When Gov. Greg Abbott signs a bill at a press conference, he is doing it only for show. In Texas, any bill passed becomes law unless the governor vetoes it. He doesn't have to sign or approve any of them. 
  • Sports: (1) Everyone can calm down on Joey Gallo. It is one game. (2) I'm not going to watch any of it, but a twelve day delay before the NBA Championship series begins seems a little silly. (3) But not as silly as the announcement that the two semi college football playoff games being played on New Year's Eve.  (4) The Seattle Mariners manager got thrown out of game last night and went on an "epic rant". Translated: "Look at me!!!"