The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Rick Perry is announcing his bid for President today after unveiling his web site in the middle of the night. I think he's the 10th Republican to announce. Delicious.
  • Ted Cruz told an old "joke" about Joe Biden at a function yesterday. Biden's son died of brain cancer less than a week ago. When a light bulb finally came on above Cruz's head, he apologized.
  • Josh Hamilton has strained his hamstring and will miss four weeks. Hey, I dislocated my shoulder because of a 6" high snow sled jump once yet I can confidently say that he's more fragile than I am. 
  • Pacman is 30 years old today, and Google celebrates by letting you play with the keyboard arrow keys. Edit: I screwed that bullet point up big time. 
  • Hillary Clinton was in Dallas last night for a fundraiser at the home of PI lawyer Frank Branson. I know someone who was there and am waiting for an update. 
  • For the first time since leaving office, slightly more than 50% of Americans have a "favorable impression" of George W. Bush.  Bill Clinton has been above 60% since 2009.
  • BagOfNothing has a video of an Addison cop smashing out the window of a car when the driver refused to identify himself. The youtube description is "Addison Cop violating my rights when I refused to SUBMIT to his bogus claims. Brown v Texas - Officers CAN NOT demand a person to self identify unless then cops has seen them in a commission of a Felony. I was just going from point A to B... this is at 9:30 am on a Saturday morning going to work." Sorry, buddy, you're wrong. 
  • But the driver also said, "Did you realize in the state of Texas that speeding in and of itself is not illegal?"  You know what, he's right. Edit: link fixed. 
  • "Texas lawyers this year notified hundreds of corporate clients that their hourly rates were going up. Junior partners at many large law firms now charge $650 an hour. Associates only three years out of law school bill $400 an hour." Story.  How this fraud on the the public continues to survive is amazing. It's robbery. 
  • A few weeks ago, a friend of a friend was in a car accident which was not her fault. She had some minor injuries but nothing significant, and filed a claim with the other driver's insurance company to pay for the car repairs. She said the claims adjuster was "so nice" and was even willing "to pay me a little extra than the property estimate" and suggested they meet at Starbucks. Yep. Waiver and settlement agreement was signed at Starbucks in exchange for the check.