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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I may have had a full blown nemesis on my jury panel yesterday.  He didn't get selected and the trial is still going on, but I'll explain later. Plus, I have to confirm what I think was going on. 
  • Did I see what looks like a police car in town that had Wise County Regional Public Safety on it? Is that a private security car? They don't have an authorized mini police force do they? 
  • The in-state Republicans are fighting over the concept of "local control" after the proposal for overturning the Denton fracking ban by the passage of a state law. Some are saying the cities are to Texas what states are to the federal government. Other than State law trumping  municipal law, that analogy is not correct. There's no equivalent of the 10 Amendment for cities in the Texas constitution.
  • I've got a ton of thoughts on the school electrical project including our educational system, the way your mind works, and the role of parents. I'll get to it maybe later today. 
  • An email friend wrote me about my post from yesterday of the Bridgeport man who died at 44.  He thinks it is unhealthy for me to ponder life's moments like that. I've always consider those posts to be a moment of reflection by me of how all of us need to stop and think about our lives. (And sorry I didn't get back to you buddy. I've been busy . . . . And I as I just quickly typed those last two sentences  I think I just inadvertently made my point.)
  • Fort Worth police killed a man last night. They say he fired a weapon at officers. 
  • Lots of news reports about how the autopsy of the motorist who was shot dead by a Grapevine officer which show the now dead man was "legally drunk".  So what? (That's the case where they won't  release the video but have no problem releasing the autopsy report.) 
  • In my trial yesterday, I abandoned using Powerpoint for the first time in two decades.  I just had a feeling of the need to put down the electronics and just be engaged. I don't know if it helped or hurt, but it felt better.
  • My computer maps show a big chance for some storms later today. Get ready for Over The Top Pete Delkus.  And I'm serious. He will be in full Armageddon mode because this is the day he's been waiting for. 
  • I've seen reference to a Batman vs. Superman movie. Hey, how is that even a fair fight? When I was a little kid there was some cartoon on Saturday mornings that had the combined fighting force of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Superman.  I even thought back then: What's Batman bringing to the table in that group?
  • There will come a day where not only will every TV channel  be broadcast over the Internet but you will either decide to pay directly to that channel/company to get it. You want one channel? You got it.  The concept of "bundling" by cable and satellite companies will be gone, right? 
  • And when I mentioned cutting the cable the other day since most everything is online anyway, I had completely forgotten about HD over the air antennas for local programming. They actually work.  How many channels can you get for free that way?
  • Forgot to mention The Family Cat is back to normal after some brief sickness. And I'm not sure that's a good thing. 
  • Great legal question if the new Texas Open Carry (if you have a concealed license) law comes into effect: Cops can stop and detain you if they have a reasonable suspicion that some criminal activity might be afoot. If an officer now sees someone in Walmart with an open handgun, can he stop them to check for a license? He wouldn't have a "reasonable suspicion" that the gun was illegally carried, would he?