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I'm Issuing A Flash Flood Warning For Parts Of Wise County

I also worked a long time on my graph to predict what will happen this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

How do I add your new weather service to my basic cable package?

Df Pete Delk... I mean JOHN SMITH

Anonymous said...

LL you are a lifesaver!
Take that Delkus!

Goober said...

Aw, come on Green.. Why don't you fess-up to the fact your just re-posting what Delkus' WFAA Noon News broadcst opened with?

Anonymous said...

Barry, do you have a source to see what the lake is doing? Compared to the lowest point.

Anonymous said...


You can go here:

The lakes are listed on the right hand side. Just click on Lake Bridgeport for details.

And FYI, I already looked, and the lake has only risen a fraction of an inch.

Anonymous said...

Live storm chaser video:

DF Bill Harding

HarveyLee said...

Delkus scored big time tonight!