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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Somebody better check on Pete Delkus. He has to be in massive depression this morning after missing the forecast and not getting to dominate TV last night. (And he is, in fact, a little sensitive this morning.)
  • I may be stating the obvious, but I think everyone is beginning to see how this oil price crash is impacting the Texas job market. I bet all of us know someone who has been significantly impacted. 
  • I've told you for two years that we are headed for a decade long stretch of horrible Mavericks basketball once Dirk declines.  Get ready. We have lift off. 
  • With all the guns and bars/clubs in Texas, I'm stunned there are not multiple shootings every Friday and Saturday night. 
  • linked to a series of interactive maps in the Wall Street Journal which focuses on demographics for every county in the U.S. Wait a second:  Only 37.1% of people in Wise County have graduated high school? Am I missing something? (I guess that the 37% could be of the total population which would include people under 18 but even then the 37% seems small.) 
  • "Kelley & Anthony Blaine face 18 counts of giving alcohol to minors, accused of stocking a limo with liquor for teens heading to prom. She's suspended from her job as Kaufman County court coordinator. 15 Kaufman High School students were suspended for misconduct & sent to alternative school." So much to think about on this one. 
  • Always drives me nuts when one trial court judge in any county or any state makes a ruling that, because of the subject matter, gets news coverage and everyone says, "This will set a precedent for the future." No, it doesn't. Heck, if an appellate court hasn't made a decision on an issue in Texas, a trial judge doesn't even care what the trial judge next door just ruled on the same issue.
  • I saw a horrible (one car?) rollover wreck this morning near the Wise/Tarrant county line. People were scrambling to help, a car on its side caught fire, a guy ran and got a fire extinguisher, and people were gathered around a person in his grass who I presume was thrown from the vehicle. By their reactions, this was bad. 
  • Below: Clever Harding headline and a little bit of a disturbing Blue Bell photo . . .