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Get Ready For A Melt Down Of Epic Proportionsjosh

Loved this part: "Hamilton outlined 34 requests in the petition. Among the requests: prohibiting his wife from using a Maserati and 1972 Chevrolet Blazer in his possession; prohibiting her from 'hiding' the children from him; prohibiting her from making disparaging remarks against him or his family."

I was trying to remember the organization he used to promote and I found it. "I Am Second". But he is gone . . . 


Anonymous said...

Drugs are ruinous.

Also, this is one of the dangers of "look-at-me" Christianity. Everybody slips up sometimes, and then what? Why not try to live a little less like the Pharisees and a little more like Jesus?

Sad story, all around. I hope for a brighter future for both of them, but a lot of that is in their own hands.

Anonymous said...

Train wreak

Anonymous said...

I really think his wife is the one who pushed the "look at me" stuff. That guy was just along for the ride, fighting and hiding his demons. I actually think he will get better from here on. I think dumping her will help him heal since I think she was just parasite. Sad thing is, I think the guy is ripe pickens for another one just like her.

Anonymous said...

Dear josh,

Buy 4000 acres in Seminole Texas.

High fence it.
Build epic ponds to raise fish.
Eat well.
Play on your tractor.

And only go to town twice a year.

I envy you. But I hate the grasp chemicals have on you.
Good luck.

A fan

Anonymous said...

I give it two weeks. Two weeks and he'll be all whipped cream upped, blowing coke, and pinching his nipples over at Fox and Hound.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel sorry for him or his wife (who, btw, was cast to be on Houswives of Orange County). So, two egotistical parents, and four sad children.

Anonymous said...

Still, when he was at his best he was one of the best players I have ever watched.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

BG, are you sure you are not thinking about Triple Play Ministries?

I think it had done a lot of goodwill. I wish it still could after all of this.

Anonymous said...

The hiding and disparaging are standard clauses in a divorce petition.

Anonymous said...

Another argument for renting it, not buying it.

DF Divorce Attorney

Doc Logic said...

So Josh files for divorce and did a drug binge after finding out his wife cheated on him.


What about the times he cheated on his wife that have been well documented? OK?

Anonymous said...

Josh Hamilton was a well known spokesman for I Am Second after he got clean the first time. Once he was using again they dropped all his promos, but you can probably find them on YouTube or Google somewhere.