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DPS In The News Again

The Austin-American Statesman just unearthed this video from 2012.  It involves an unseen chase and the shooting of a guy in the thigh , and this ending.  The trooper was suspended for three days.

Think I'm about to go on a rant about police brutality? Nope. That flying kick right of the WWE is just too sweet of a move to give the guy grief.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see any shooting, just the flying kick. Please don't tell me he shot the guy from the car while moving.

Anonymous said...

Unless we get robo cops they are humans and they get excited when they have to chase you.....I figure if you run you should understand the beating that you will get when they chase you. That being said; seems like shooting at the guy during the chase for running a stop sign might have been a tad bit excessive.

Wurdkyle said...

I with you on this one, Barry, Not only was that use of force necessary, it was totally badass!

Anonymous said...

Somebody watched too many Jackie Chan movies.

DF Walker Texas Ranger

Anonymous said...


Yes...he did. He fired off 4 shots in quick succession. Hit the guy in the leg once.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning

Double Fake Kik Yu Kan

Anonymous said...

How come the media can report that DFW is "under the gun" for possible storms later today, but we have to change the name of the Red River Shootout to the tongue twisting "Red River Rivalry" just because of PC concerns over the word shootout as if all the fans would bring guns and shoot it out? Meantime, the players on the field might be experiencing a blitz, or a bomb, or the QB might be screaming "kill kill kill" at the line of scrimmage; or a punt might go into the coffin corner, or God forbid we have a shotgun formation. Wouldn't all that make the fans want to shoot each other more than the word "shootout" in the title of the event?

Anonymous said...


You mean if I run from the cops they don't just pat me on the back and say "good job"?

If I have to chase someone they are going to reap it.

Anonymous said...


I think you missed the part that the trooper shot the suspect before the stop was made.

Anonymous said...

At least he didn't rape him.

DF Art Acevedo

Anonymous said...

There was a better video of this on the intertube yesterday that lasted longer where you could hear the trooper shooting and then once he kicked the motorcyclist off the bike he just walked back to his car without checking on the cyclist. This guy needs his ass kicked, big time!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Kick his arse. If you know the cops are pulling you over...then pull over!!

If you don't, you will be chased! And probably get your arse kicked.

Anonymous said...

5:40, it's that last sentence that's the problem. Cops apprehend and take into custody. Cops don't get to "kick their ass" because they chased you. Bullies that hide behind a badge and get their friends to cover for them do that. Now they are finally being exposed and punished as they should be. It's time to weed out the undesirables and put a good image on the force again.

DF "Shotgun" Ed Exley

Anonymous said...

8:11 --

You are correct, sir! Nobody gets to kick anybody's ass without paying whether they be citizen, criminal, or police!

If these crimes continue, I'm afraid we'll see more violence against police, not less.

Police departments must quit hiring psychopaths and bullies.

Anonymous said...

The four shots at the guy (supposedly at his bike) while moving only got the trooper three days' suspension.

The kick was as the guy was dismounting, per his instructions. The rider might be excused for being a little slow, what with his gunshot thigh and all.

Hell, I'm a cop and I'm distancing.

Anonymous said...

Current prosecutor (and have been a prosecutor for 20 plus years).
The biker cannot comply with the order to get on the ground without first getting off of the bike. It looks like the biker clearly was in act of trying to get off of the bike when the kick was delivered. In my opinion, the trooper overreacted in this instance.